Haley Adams Will Compete in the 2024 CrossFit Season

The 2024 CrossFit season kicks off on Feb. 29, 2024, via workout 24.1, the first of three workouts comprising the 2024 CrossFit Open. Among those competing are the reigning Fittest on Earth® Laura Horvath and Jeffrey Adler, two-time Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros, and the return of the winningest Individual CrossFit athlete of all time, Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr.

They aren’t the only elite athletes returning, though. Elite CrossFit Games mainstay Haley Adams will compete in the 2024 CrossFit season after taking the 2023 season off for mental health reasons. Haley confirmed her return on the Made for More podcast hosted by Reagan Davis. Take a listen below:

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“I’m planning on competing,” Adams told Davis. “I’m very excited to give it a run again, and this time in a different mindset.” Adams explicitly mentioned that her intent is to “compete,” not just participate in the 2024 CrossFit season. However, Adams is not putting a specific expectation on herself regarding rank at the 2024 CrossFit Games.

Adams is no stranger to the Games, having competed at every Games since 2016, with the exception of the 2023 Games. She has four top-10 finishes, three of which were in the top five:

Haley Adams’ CrossFit Games Career

2016 CrossFit Games — Second Place (Girls 14-15)
2017 CrossFit Games — Second Place (Girls 16-17)
2018 CrossFit Games — First Place (Girls 16-17)
2019 CrossFit Games — Sixth Place
2020 CrossFit Games — Fourth Place
2021 CrossFit Games — Fifth Place
2022 CrossFit Games — Ninth Place

Adams is notoriously strong in running and endurance events. Her previous appearance at the Games in 2022 saw her open the competition with back-to-back event wins in “Bike to Work” and “Shuttle to Overhead A.”

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To return to the Games in 2024, Adams will have to qualify for the virtual Quarterfinals by ranking in the top 10 percent worldwide in the Open. From there, she will need to be one of the top 40 Individuals in her regional Semifinal.

The 2024 CrossFit Games will take place in Fort Worth, TX, on Aug. 8-11, 2024. Adams’ return would assuredly level up the competition.

Featured image: @haleyadamssss on Instagram

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