TRX’s ‘Day One’ Campaign Celebrates the Journey of Fitness

The leader in functional training is celebrating those who pursue health goals rather than jump on the New Year’s bandwagon

TRX Training, a leader in functional training products, has launched its “Day One” campaign to celebrate individuals choosing to embark on a fitness journey in the new year.

Instead of focusing on New Year’s Resolutions, TRX wants to focus on “Day One,” the day a user chooses to take the first step toward achieving their health and wellness goals. 

The marketing campaign focuses on TRX’s hero product, its famous Suspension Trainer, and shines a light on the company’s other products, like the Bandit, Rip Trainer, HexGrip medicine balls and power bags, and the TRX YBell series. Vignettes highlight individuals who train with different TRX products for sports like running, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis and pickleball. 

“Embracing health, wellness, and happiness leads to a longer and better life. TRX inspires people to begin that journey today regardless of level of fitness. Today is Day One. Functional training meets you where you are and makes you better through the journey,” said Jack Daly, TRX CEO. “Pro athletes improve; first-timers improve; and fitness fanatics improve. Everyone improves from their current state. TRX turns 20 years old in 2024 but we live ‘Day One’ every day as we continue to innovate in this exciting and fun fitness category.”

Alongside the campaign, a six-week “Day One” digital training program has been launched for TRX Training Club members. It features four workouts per week and uses functional training equipment like the TRX Suspension Trainer and the TRX YBell. 

TRX had an eventful 2023 — the company acquired YBell Fitness, a kettlebell-dumbbell combination product company, and signed a multi-year lease for a 12,000-square-foot property in Delray Beach, moving its global headquarters from San Francisco to Florida.

The move was a part of the company’s strategic transition following its acquisition by Daly and his firm, JFXD Capital, along with TRX founder Randy Hetrick in 2022. TRX has also leveraged strategic partnerships with fitness companies like Xponential Fitness and Orangetheory Fitness to bring its products to new audiences. 

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