Wascar Carpio (59KG) Raw Deadlifts 273 Kilograms in Prep for 2024 Powerlifting America Raw Nationals

USA’s Wascar Carpio is the 59-kilogram class world champion in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). He won convincingly in Malta at the 2023 IPF Classic World Championships (CWC) in his international debut. That was only the beginning for the lightweight powerlifter.

On his way to his first world title, Carpio deadlifted 260 kilograms (573 pounds) but missed an attempt at 272.5 kilograms (601 pounds). However, that 600-pound landmark has fallen in training. Check out Carpio’s 273-kilogram (601.9-pound) raw deadlift below, courtesy of his Instagram page:

Using only a lifting belt, Carpio set up in a sumo stance and took the barbell in a mixed grip. The lift looked pretty comfortable, judging by how Carpio threw the bar back onto the platform in triumph.

Of course, in competition, such a drop would result in red lights as the barbell must be returned to the platform under control. However, in the gym, this does not invalidate the lift. Carpio’s celebration of achieving this goal was emotional. Clearly, it meant a lot to him to finally break through the 600-pound barrier.

The IPF deadlift world record in the 59-kilogram class was set at 275 kilograms (606 pounds) by Canada’s Derek Ng at the 2019 IPF CWC in Helsingborg, Sweden. Carpio is now within two kilograms (4.4 pounds) of that record, and it seems as though Carpio has more strength in reserve.

In the IPF, world records can only be set at international contests, so Carpio needs to reach the 2024 IPF CWC in Druskininkai, Lithuania, to officially break the record. First, he will need to secure his place on the USA team.

The kid continues to dream.

Carpio’s journey to the 2024 CWC begins with the Powerlifting America (PA) Raw Nationals held in Reno, NV, from March 15-17, 2024. Carpio has to win his class with at least 85 percent of the IPF total world record to guarantee his spot. In the 59-kilogram class, that amounts to 569-kilogram (1,254-pound) total.

Given that Carpio has totaled 600 kilograms (1,323 pounds) or more at his last three competitions and had, by far, the biggest total in the 59-kilogram class in 2023, securing that mark should be smooth sailing.

Watch Carpio compete at PA Raw Nationals on the Powerlifting America YouTube Channel on March 15, 2024.

Featured image: @lilwaskie59kg on Instagram

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