How to Compete in the Rogue Fitness 2024 Bear Walk Challenge

Rogue Fitness kicked off another fitness challenge on Feb. 16, 2024. The “Bear Walk Challenge” challenges participating athletes to carry a sandbag for as much distance as possible. Male athletes use a 200-pound sandbag, while female athletes use a 150-pound sandbag.

Registration is currently open at the time of this article’s publication. Prospective athletes can register at The entry fee is $10 USD.

The Bear Walk challenge officially began on Feb. 16, 2024, at 9 a.m. EST. Video submissions using YouTube or the Beyond the White Board (BTWB) app are due by Feb. 26, 2024 — two days after the start of the 2024 CrossFit Open.

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Participating athletes can perform the Bear Walk challenge in any location they wish. However, the course used must be “laid out in a 25-foot (7.62m) course marked by two cones (or similar objects) — (measured and taped by five-foot (1.52-meter increments)).”

The participant walks “continuous lengths of the course around the cones (or similar objects) until the sandbag is dropped.” Their score is their total distance to the nearest completed five-foot increment that both heels have crossed.

In the event of a tie, the athlete with the lighter bodyweight will rank higher. The current Bear Walk challenge records were both scored in the 2023 edition of the challenge:

Storm Patterson — 715 feet

Taylor Jones — 618 feet

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Bear Walk Standards

Below are the movement standards provided by Rogue Fitness:

The bag begins on the ground next to the participant, who must perform the initial lift without assistance, using any method they wish to pick up the bag.

The acceptable hold position will be with the sandbag placed entirely on the front of the body:

The top edge of the bag must remain lower than the chin.

The thighs may not support the bag at any time during the attempt.

The bag can only be supported with the lifter’s arms in a “bear hug” position.

The athlete’s hands and arms can be positioned anywhere they would like on or around the bag:

Interlocking of fingers, arms, and wrists is permitted.

Holding the bag from the bottom is permitted.

Holding the bag vertically or horizontally is permitted.

Hitching to regain control is permitted as long as the bag stays in the approved position on the body.

For permitted equipment standards, see additional details at

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