Product of the Week: Reebok FloatZig 1 Brings 90s Nostalgia to Running

The design-first running shoe brings comfort and a retro aesthetic to the road, but will it hold up run after run?
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Reebok has just launched its newest running shoe, the FloatZig 1, a fashion-forward neutral running shoe with a 90s vibe.

Perfect for springing into spring, the shoes have enough cushion for comfort, while simultaneously providing stability for slippery paths and longer distances.

Athletech News got a look at the FloatZig 1s before they dropped and tested them out to see if Reebok’s newest launch stacks up with popular competitors. 


Reebok is not a brand that first comes to mind for many when considering “serious” running shoe brands. However, runners are likely not to underestimate the brand after the FloatZig 1.

The sneakers are thoughtfully made for medium-distance runners who want a throwback 90s design. My first impression of the FloatZig 1 was that they could be great statement shoes for day-to-day wear as well as for exercising. My pair had neon pink and green accents, while other colorways included more neutral tones or black and white. The design brings the retro basketball style from the 90s to the running space. 

credit: Reebok

As someone who has faced ankle and foot pain from long-distance running, I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the sneaker design. Its lightweight foam is high-quality cushioning that provides springiness without being too heavy.

The Reebok FloatZig 1 shoe is also breathable—its outer mesh is thin enough to not overheat but thick enough for foot support. It also has great grip in all weather conditions, particularly compared to competitors, even in the rain. It is not a speed shoe (the upcoming FloatZig racing shoe will address that need) but it is a reliable option for long training runs.  

The FloatZig 1 is also reasonably priced at $130. Compared to many of the popular running brands, which retail for closer to $200, the lower price is a nice change in pace.  

credit: Reebok


While the shoes provided foot support, their ankle support was lacking compared to competitors. I noticed some rubbing on my ankles, reminding me of my preference for a padded heel cup. For those who also want a more snug and padded area in the heel, other brands like New Balance Fresh Foam might be a better option. For those without wobbly gaits, the flexible heel might not be an issue, however. 

The shoe is also neutral and has a smaller heel bevel which does not push forward motion. This might make the shoe better for those with hip and knee pain, as the FloatZig 1 likely requires more mobility to move than a rocker shoe that pushes one forward. However, those who want more of a forward spring in their step may want to look elsewhere.  

The shoes are also on the heavier side, at 9.8 oz. For comparison, Hoka Clifton 9s are 7.3 oz. For those sensitive to shoe weight, it might be worth taking these for a test run. 

One other callout is that the shoe’s laces require a little more attention than some other brands. I had to double knot them more intently than competitors’ laces to prevent them from undoing during walks or runs. This is a simple fix, particularly for those who replace their laces, but worth a call-out. 

Final Thoughts

With three more FloatZig models coming this year, including the FloatZig Symmetros (for stability), FloatZig X1 (for racing), and the FloatZig Adventure (trail), it’s clear that Reebok is investing in this new and highly anticipated line.

For a solid and affordable running shoe that will provide comfort during medium-distance runs, look no further than the fun FloatZig 1 shoes.

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