2024 Wasatch Warrior Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

The 2024 Wasatch Warrior Pro show was held on Saturday, April 20, 2024, in Salt Lake City, UT, and it featured three IFBB Pro League divisions – Men’s Physique, Figure, and Bikini. Sixty-seven competitors graced the stage to impress the judges and score gold and a 2024 Olympia qualification.

The three winners were Jason Huynh (Men’s Physique), Megan Sylvester-Cielen (Figure), and Aimee Leann Delgado (Bikini).

2024 Wasatch Warrior Pro Results

The final standings for all three contests are below:

Men’s Physique

Jason Huynh (United States)

Dustin Alvis (United States)

Aundre Benson (United States)

Jeremy Coleman (United States)

Dallas Botchway (Ghana)

Phillipe Degila (France)

Miles Mann (United States)

Austin Witty (United States)

Marc Shane (United States)

Hossein Karimi (Iran)

Khali Quartey (United States)

Andrew Jenkins (United States)

Matt Moore (United States)

Wilfredo Neira (United States)

Marvin Jimerson (United States)

Tied for 16th

Jamal Everette (United States)

David Merrill (United States)

Michael Oliveira (United States)

Justo Scott (United States)


Megan Sylvester-Cielen (United Kingdom)

Madison Dinges (United States)

Bailey Gutierrez (United States)

Sandee Lark (United States)

Kim Clark (United States)

Jessica Baltazar (United States)

Chelsea Rodgers (United States)

Destinee Silva (United States)

Nicole King (United States)

Tanya Palacios (United States)

Rebeca Godwin (United States)

Lisa Bauer (Canada)


Aimee Leann Delgado (United States)

Brittany Hamilton (United States)

Huyen Person (United States)

Allison Testu (France)

Maya Astabie (United States)

Malu Duarte (United States)

Chantel Hall (United States)

Jackie Cheney (United States)

Kimberly Bonilla (United States)

Alyssa Blessing (United States)

Noel Zayour (United States)

Steph Warden (Canada)

Jessica Miller (United States)

Abbi Gaetano (United States)

Nicole Johnson (United States)

Tied for 16th

Elisangela Angell (Brazil)

Winifher Capellan (United States)

Alex Carrera (United States)

Stacy Correa (United States)

Lucy Edwards (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Greer (United States)

Niccole Guggia (United States)

Jacki Hansen (United States)

Shaneeka Harmonson (United States)

Nikia Hovey (United States)

Arielle Johnson (United States)

Jennifer Lau (United States)

Alexandra Leeper (United States)

Olena Okanovic (United States)

Kerrin Phillips (United States)

Casey Samsel (United States)

Gina Sardina (United States)

Aria Smith (United States)

Judy Son (United States)

Angela White (United States)

Candice Yang (Canada)

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Men’s Physique Winner — Jason Huynh

Huynh made his 2024 season debut at this contest, culminating with a win and qualification to return to the Men’s Physique Olympia stage in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024. This was the start of Huynh’s seventh pro season and his sixth career pro win.

2024 will mark Huynh’s fifth time on the Olympia stage — he has yet to break into the top 15.

Figure Winner — Megan Sylvester-Cielen

This was Sylvester-Cielen’s third pro show of 2024. This was her second pro win of the 2024 season, having previously won the 2024 Tri-City Pro on April 13-14, 2024, to qualify for the Figure Olympia. As such, no qualification was issued in this division in Utah.

The other athletes in the lineup have until Sept. 15, 2024, to win a show and punch their tickets to Las Vegas.

Bikini Division — Aimee Leann Delgado

This was Delgado’s ninth career pro win and second of her 2024 campaign. She won the 2024 San Diego Championships Pro and ranked second behind Lauralie Chapados in the 2024 Bikini International.

Like the Figure winner, Delgado had already qualified for the Olympia. So, no other qualification was awarded.

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