Tom Stoltman Prioritizes Sandbag Steeplechase Training In His Final 2024 World’s Strongest Man Workout

Two-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Tom “The Albatross” Stoltman (2021-22) performed his final training session ahead of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man competition, set for May 1-5, 2024, in Myrtle Beach, SC. Following his second-place finish last year to Mitchell Hooper, Stoltman is determined to reclaim the throne and become only the seventh athlete ever to win the WSM title at least three times; he would tie Bill Kazmaier’s three WSM titles.

Stoltman receives consistent motivation from his brother and training partner, two-time Europe’s Strongest Man Luke Stoltman. While Luke is amidst competition, Tom trains solo at the Stoltman Strength Centre in Invergordon, UK.

Tom Stoltman’s 2024 WSM prep has prioritized training in three events:

Sandbag Steeplechase

Yoke Walk

Atlas Stones

Take a glimpse into Stoltman’s preparation via the video below:

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Sandbag Steeplechase

Sandbag steeplechase encompasses hoisting a sandbag, transporting it over a bar for a certain distance, and then carrying it an additional short distance. In training, Stoltman completes three standard repetitions in 45 seconds, followed by a single extended repetition using a heavier sandbag.

Stoltman began by lifting 125-kilogram sandbags for the first three reps and concluded with a rep with a 150-kilogram sandbag. During his final effort, Stoltman sensed an unusual heaviness. Upon checking, he discovered he’d been lifting a 180-kilogram sandbag, mistakenly filled for a shoulder toss training session for the 2024 Arnold Classic

Equipped with a weightlifting belt and knee sleeves, Stoltman highlights the bottleneck when performing sandbag steeplechase doubles isn’t strength but cardio. He felt strain on his back and glutes throughout the exercise and found his training involved learning to more comfortably persevere through fatigue.

Yoke Walk

Stoltmand drank his intra-workout beverage before walking his 400-kilogram yoke a short distance. He typically trains yoke twice weekly; he increases the weight when training alongside Luke.

Atlas Stones

Tom Stoltman is the reigning world record holder in the Atlas Stones, lifting 286 kilograms (630 pounds). He is presumed the defacto winner in any Atlas Stones event, hence his nickname as “King of the Stones.” Other athletes, including reigning WSM champion Hooper, plan around Tom Stoltman having an event win already locked up in any contest where the Atlas Stones are featured.

Stoltman’s Atlas Stones training routine features Romanian deadlift and front squat biomechanics. He lifts a 210-kilogram stone to a platform for 10 reps. 

Can Stoltman Claim His Third WSM?

Stoltman is one of the favorites heading into the 2024 WSM contest. He and Hooper will likely battle for the top spot, as other top contenders Martins Licis, Mateusz Kieliszkowski, and Oleksii Novikov have all withdrawn. However, anything can happen on strongman’s biggest stage, and a surprise contender could shake things up in Myrtle Beach.

Featured image: @tomstoltmanofficial on Instagram

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