F45 Launches Vaura Pilates, a ‘Full-Body Sensory’ Experience

Modeled after a popular, club-like Australian Pilates concept, Vaura has placed its flagship location in New York City’s Upper East Side

Vaura Pilates, a total-body conditioning athletic reformer Pilates concept owned by F45 Training, is opening its first location, settling in New York City’s Upper East Side. The Vaura location will offer 28 Pilates reformers, showers and even a beauty bar. 

With Pilates projected to be one of the top wellness trends of 2o24, Vaura aims to deliver the popular fitness modality in its studio with a club-like vibe touting mood lighting, mirrored ceilings and a premium sound system. The concept stems from Australia’s Vive Active, which has three locations in Oz and two studios in Singapore.

“Vaura brings an electrifying energy to athletic reformer Pilates,” said Tom Dowd, CEO of F45 Training. A prior investor in the Mark Wahlberg-backed fitness franchise before becoming F45’s CEO last March, Dowd was recently featured on an exclusive podcast with Athletech News, where he discussed the boutique fitness franchise industry and his vision for F45 and its related brands.

“We are creating a new full-body sensory experience unmatched by any other exercise regimen,” Dowd said of Vaura. “Everything about our classes, from the studio design and luxurious amenities to the club-like mood lighting and more, work in harmony to create a space that inspires transformative results members will love, and they will awaken muscles they never knew existed.”

credit: Vaura Pilates/F45 Training

Vaura Pilates offers 50-minute classes suitable for both beginners and Pilates aficionados in four formats:

Total: Vaura’s signature class combines strength, endurance and stretch in a full-body conditioning workout, with guidance from Vaura trainers providing beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise options.

Stretch: Intending to improve mobility and flexibility, Stretch offers strength-building and stress reduction with its Pilates, yoga and flexibility-infused workout.

Circuit: A blend of strength, HIIT and stability training, Circuit features 12 – 16 rounds at multiple stations to burn calories with 90-second intervals that work every muscle group.

Fusion: A combination class that is spent half on the Pilates reformer and half on functional floor-based movements for a full-body strength and conditioning workout.

Travis Frenzel, Club Sports Group CEO and Vaura franchisee, remarked that it’s a privilege to launch the first Vaura studio in the U.S. and introduce the exciting Pilates concept in the heart of Manhattan.

 “As part of our January opening, we have several exciting moments on the horizon, which we’ll share more about on our social channels,” Frenzel said. “We look forward to welcoming Pilates enthusiasts of all fitness levels to our unique experience.”

Vaura Pilates opens on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 1011 Third Avenue, on the corner of Third Ave and 60th Street. Single classes start at $42, with various class packages also available. To commemorate Vaura’s flagship Upper East Side location, new members can take advantage of exclusive offers for a limited time.

In addition to F45’s signature functional training brand and Vaura, the brand also recently debuted FS8, which offers 50 minutes of yoga, Pilates and toning. Expanding into other fitness arenas is a key priority for F45 moving forward.

“We want to make sure we’re offering the different modalities to really cater to everybody’s needs,” Dowd has shared with Athletech News. “We’re very focused on toning, yoga and Pilates so that we offer something different to the marketplace.”

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