Sadik Hadzovic’s Arm Day Reps and Sets Recommendations

Building arms to be proportionate with larger muscle groups like the chest and back can be a challenge. The biceps, triceps, and forearms are smaller muscle groups that, more often than not, need more dedicated volume to keep up.

On New Year’s Day, 2024, bodybuilder Sadik Hadzovic published a video on his YouTube channel wherein he shared his programming for high-volume arm training:

Sadik Hadzovic’s Arm Workout

Here is a snapshot of Hadzovic’s training session:

Cable Pushdown — 4 x 20,15,15,12

Alternating Dumbbell Curl — 3 x 12

Dumbbell Overhead Extension — 3×12

EZ Bar Curl — 3×12

Close-Grip Bench Press — 4×10

Dumbbell Hammer Curl — 3×12

Superset: Cable Triceps Pushdown and Barbell Curl — 40 reps

Check out the training session below, featuring Hadzovic’s reps and sets recommendations for arms:

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Cable Rope Pressdown & Alternating Dumbbell Curl

The triceps pushdowns bias the medial and lateral triceps heads. Hadzovic maintained his torso at 45 degrees and positioned his upper arms perpendicular to the floor. 

Hadzovic emphasized the importance of moving through the triceps’ full range of motion— his hands reached his shoulder level at the top of the rep, and he fully extended his elbows at the bottom.

Hadzovic alternated between biceps and triceps exercises, allowing the non-working muscle group to rest to improve his efficiency in the gym. His rep cadence was slow when alternating dumbbell curls.

Dumbbell Overhead Extension & EZ Barbell Curl 

Seated dumbbell overhead extensions were meant to mirror the pushdowns, loading the triceps as they cross the shoulder joint. He then performed EZ barbell curls with a wide grip to bias the short biceps heads.

Hadzovic did not refrain from using momentum on his final EZ bar curls, stating, “You got to cheat to get big on some of the sets, not every set.”

Close-Grip Bench Press & Dumbbell Hammer Curl 

Hadzovic recommended keeping the elbows tight to the torso during the close-grip bench press to bias the medial and lateral triceps, promoting thickness. He used slow eccentrics with a pause at the top.

Hadzovic performed alternating dumbbell hammer curls to load the brachialis (a muscle in the upper arm) and the brachioradialis (one of the key forearm muscles).

[Hammer curls] expand the arms and give the illusion of having a really thick, big arm.

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Superset: Cable Tricep Pushdown and Barbell Curl

Hadzovic concluded his workout with a triceps and biceps antagonistic superset comprised of cable triceps pushdowns and barbell curls. He performed 10 reps of each without resting between sets; he performed 40 total reps unbroken.

Hadzovic last competed at the Olympia in 2017, placing seventh in the Classic Physique division. He qualified for the 2022 Men’s Physique Olympia by winning the Pittsburgh Pro but pulled out of the competition a week before taking the stage. Although Hadzovic has not yet revealed his competition plans for 2024, his fans are hopeful for an Olympia comeback soon. 

Featured image: @sadikhadzovic on Instagram

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