Engagement Through Enthrallment: The Key to Acquiring (and Keeping) Members

As part of the iFIT family, Freemotion Fitness combines best-in-class equipment with the world’s leading fit tech solution, including immersive workout content

It’s becoming a bit of a cliché, but it’s true – the fitness industry is evolving fast. From the increasing role of preventative healthcare to digitalization and the other technological innovations that are changing how exercise is “consumed,” it seems that there’s constantly something new to absorb. 

Faced with this quickly changing landscape, however, it’s important to remember that the three cornerstones for success remain unchanged: facility operators still need to attract, engage and retain members. 

More Than a Workout

To keep people truly engaged, clubs have realized they need to do more than merely provide equipment and a place to exercise at a suitable price point. The modern fitness consumer is looking for a more holistic approach to fitness. One that keeps them motivated, connected and committed to their wellness journey. 

Freemotion Fitness was among the first commercial equipment companies to recognize this, well before the COVID-19 pandemic. It acknowledged that engaged members are much more likely to both achieve their fitness goals and also remain loyal to their chosen fitness facility. 

As part of the iFIT family of companies, Freemotion was in a perfect position to come up with an innovative approach, combining best-in-class equipment with the world’s leading fitness technology solution. It launched a revolutionary, interactive cardio line – the 22 SERIES – in 2020, which seamlessly integrates with the iFIT digital platform. Using the two elements (digital and equipment), gyms and health and fitness facilities are now able to create a groundbreaking omnichannel service that redefines the fitness experience.

Understanding Member Engagement

The 22 SERIES machines go beyond traditional cardio machines. As engaging the user was at the heart of the design process, each piece of equipment in the 22 SERIES incorporates cutting-edge technology that transforms a workout into an interactive and immersive experience. 

The machines feature a vibrant and responsive touchscreen with access to the full iFIT library of exercise experiences. Via iFIT, users can access a plethora of workouts, virtual landscapes and training programs, creating a personalized and engaging exercise routine. Each 22 SERIES machine also features auto-adjusting technology that controls the speed, resistance, incline or decline in sync with the on-screen coach’s command and route topography. As there is no need to manually adjust the machine, the user can focus on their workout and maximize their training outcomes.

credit: Freemotion Fitness/iFIT

“For facility operators, the crucial aspect is how all the innovations included in the 22 SERIES are geared to work towards one result – to keep the exerciser engaged and reaching their goals,” says Adam Guier, VP/North America Sales at Freemotion. “The on-screen vivid imagery and motivational coaching, delivered by iFIT’s team of world-class trainers, are matched by the equipment’s revolutionary auto-adjusting technology. While on a 22 SERIES machine, exercisers can transport themselves anywhere in the world, choosing a location or terrain and a level of workout they enjoy the most. From running along the beaches of Hawaii to cycling through the streets of Paris, users can escape the monotony of traditional workouts and stay motivated and educated by exploring different environments.”

“There is also data-driven personalization, thanks to each user having their own iFIT membership. Leveraging the platform’s power of technology, the 22SERIES tracks users’ performance and progress,” Guier adds. “The data can then be utilized to choose future workouts, ensuring that each session is challenging yet achievable. The ability to see tangible results fosters a sense of accomplishment, driving sustained engagement.”

iFIT Integration & Omnichannel

At the core of Freemotion’s member engagement strategy is a seamless integration with the iFIT platform. It is a dynamic fitness ecosystem that connects users with world-renowned trainers, provides interactive workouts and fosters a sense of community.

“Thanks to iFIT, Freemotion’s commitment to member engagement extends beyond the gym floor,” Guier remarks.” Rather than ‘just machines,’ Freemotion can offer fitness facilities with a ready-made omnichannel solution to offer their members.”

“A true omnichannel solution means shifting away from a purely brick-and-mortar offering and creating a ‘club without walls,’” he adds. “It means providing all the fitness options that consumers expect to have at their disposal.”

To deliver a successful omnichannel experience, it’s essential that operators provide their members with plenty of touchpoints and opportunities to engage in workouts to keep them connected with the club and its brand. All touchpoints need to be connected in a coherent way so that members can move seamlessly between channels without encountering any obstacles or off-brand experiences.

As well as accessing iFIT at the gym via Freemotion, members can also access their iFIT at home via NordicTrack and ProForm equipment, and on the go via the iFIT app. 

“For example, a member can start a 12-part running adventure on the Freemotion 22 SERIES treadmill at the club, then they can continue their journey on their iFIT-enabled home fitness equipment – or by using the app, listening to their coach as they take their exercise outdoors,” Guier says. “Wherever they are, members can access a seamless, interactive and multi-sensory fitness experience at their gym, their home, via their phone or on their tablet. This means they will have a personalized experience which is linked to their individual iFIT profile – which facility operators can use for further engagement.”

credit: Freemotion Fitness/iFIT

Trust the data

The claim that Freemotion and the iFIT platform achieve results for clubs is backed by data. Clubs with iFIT-enabled Freemotion equipment record more exercises (10.5 workouts per month, compared to the national average of 8.5). 

“By choosing Freemotion and iFIT, facilities are also tapping into a huge, existing resource,” Guier says. “iFIT’s 8-million members stream 2.2 million hours of content each day globally. In other words, iFIT is a readymade omnichannel ecosystem; operators can simply plug in and play to connect with members, drive engagement, and secure retention within their facilities.” 

“By embracing technology, personalization, and an omnichannel approach, Freemotion Fitness has not only set a new standard for the fitness experience but has also positioned itself as the market leader in fostering sustained member engagement,” Guier concludes. “In a world where staying fit is not just a trend but a lifestyle, Freemotion stands out as a beacon of innovation, motivating individuals to embark on their fitness journeys with enthusiasm and dedication.”

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, Freemotion remains at the forefront, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the pursuit of healthier, engaged and fulfilled lives.

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