Here’s How Ryan Reynolds, 47 yo, Is Getting Jacked For Deadpool 3 (Exact Workout and Diet Plans)

Starring the charismatic Ryan Reynolds, the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 promises to merge it’s irreverent humor and action-packed antics with the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A groundbreaking move, as Deadpool’s R-rated legacy blends with the family-friendly MCU, sparking curiosity and excitement among fans.

Adding to the anticipation is the physical transformation of Ryan Reynolds for his return as Deadpool. Known for his dedication to the role, Reynolds’ journey to get ripped for the film is not just about achieving an aesthetic.

It symbolizes the character’s evolution and the actor’s commitment to authenticity. His training regimen, blending strength, agility, and endurance, reflects the essence of Deadpool – unpredictability and resilience.

Ryan Reynolds’ Diet

Sweet potato is one of his favourite carbohydrates. He’d do oatmeal and protein in the morning. Brown rice and a little bit of fruit. His body became the best it has ever been when he started consuming carbs; it gave his body the energy it needed to start looking the way he wanted to start looking.”

Don Saladino – Reynolds’ personal trainer

Ryan Reynolds’ diet for preparing for Deadpool 3 is focused on consuming animal protein, healthy fats, and fine carbs to support his training and maintain a symmetrical figure for the tight-fitting Deadpool suit.

His diet includes meals such as oatmeal and protein in the morning, brown rice with a little fruit, salmon, vegetables, sweet potato, and chicken, which he consumes every three to four hours.

Reynolds’ approach to nutrition emphasizes fueling his body with lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, and complex carbohydrates to support his training and busy schedule. This diet plan is designed to provide the necessary nutrients for his workouts and filming schedule while helping him achieve and maintain the desired physique for the role.

Ryan Reynolds’ Workouts

“He’s got phenomenal arm strength”


Ryan Reynolds’ training for Deadpool 3 involves a diverse workout routine focused on hypertrophy, movement, and maintaining a performance physique. His arm workout, for example, includes exercises such as holding two dumbbells, standing with feet hip-width apart, and raising the dumbbells to engage the core.

Reynolds and his trainer, Don Saladino, have worked together for 14 years, and their training plan varies based on the specific role or character Reynolds is preparing for. The workout routine for Deadpool 3 typically consists of a split like legs, chest, arm day, back, and shoulder & abs, performed for 60 minutes, five days a week.

The training approach is designed to ensure that Reynolds can move like an athlete and maintain a symmetrical figure to fit into the tight Deadpool suit. The workout sessions begin with a dynamic warm-up and focus on varying intensity, with a combination of pushing and pulling movements and conditioning exercises.

The training plan is tailored to help Reynolds achieve his best physique for the role while ensuring that he can perform at his peak during filming.

Ryan’s Arm Workout:

4 heavy super sets (back to back exercises), short rest between sets

Close grip bench press: 6-8 reps 

Barbell bicep curls: 6-8 reps 

4 super sets

Dumbbell overhead: 8-10 reps 

Dumbbell hammer curls: 8-10 reps 

4 super sets

Triceps rope push downs: 10-12 reps 

Preacher curls: 10-12 reps

Ryan’s Leg Workouts

SetsExercisesRoundsRepsRestNotesA1Inverted Hamstrings310e–Perform 10 reps on each sideA290/90 Hip Stretch w/ Transitions–10e–Perform 10 transitions on each sideA3Hip Flexor Stretch–20 Sec (e)–Perform 20 seconds on each sideB1Goblet Squat410-122.5 MinC1Leg Press (shoulder width stance)41290-120 SecD1Split Squat410-12e90 SecPerform 10-12 reps on each sideE1Leg Curl315–E2Leg Extension–15–E3Seated Calf Raise–151 MinOptional Core Circuit–––F1Lying Leg Raises315–F2Decline Crunches–15–F3Side Plank Elbow to Knee–10e60-90 SecPerform 10 reps on each side

Complete 3 rounds of the A Block exercises with 0 rest between rounds. 

Next →4 rounds of the B-Block exercise with a 2.5 minute rest between rounds.

Next → 4 rounds of the C-Block exercise with a 90-120 second rest between rounds. Next → 4 rounds of the D-Block exercise with a 90 second rest between rounds.

Next → 3 rounds of the E-Block exercises with a 1 minute rest between rounds. Optional:

Next →3 rounds of the F-Block exercise with a 60-90 second rest between rounds.

If you want more, you can get the actual, 9-week program used by Reynold here.

Deadpool 3 is set to hit theaters on July 26


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