Monday 1.8.24

Workout of the Day


Back Squat

We have 1 less rep in each work set today compared to week 1. Aim to use heavier loads on each set than what you did last week.

With this “wave” loading, the intent is that we complete 4 challenging work sets, increasing load from the first to second, and second to third. It should feel like you have 1-2 reps “in reserve,” but no more than that. Aim to go heavier on that final set than the first!
Here’s an example of how an athlete might approach today’s lifting:
Warm Up Sets (2-4): 45×10, 95×7, 115×3
Work Sets (4): 135×7, 150×5, 160×3, 145×7


For Time
21-18-15-12-9 Reps Each:
Ring Rows
Seated DB Strict Press
KB Swing

Choose a foot placement for the ring rows and loading on the DB’s and KB’s such that the round of 21 is in 2-3 sets. If you can do it unbroken, it’s too easy/light. If you can only do 5 at a time from the get-go, it’s too hard/heavy.

Fight for virtuosity with your ring rows: put your feet in the same place each time and resist the urge to “kip” or drive the hips up before you pull. Maintain a strong plank position and put all the work into your back and arms.

CrossFit Group Class Programming Template (WK2/8)

Nicole’s perfect pistols pew pew

This Sunday: Knee Strength, Stability & Range of Motion Seminar

Knee Strength, Stability, and Range of Motion Seminar with Coach Brett

After a few years of significant knee pain, constant swelling, and not being able to do Box Jumps/Cleans/Jump Rope/etc, I started following a knee program recommended to me by a physical therapist that I respect. I spent the last 5 years practicing and training the movements to strengthen the connective tissue (calves, anterior tibialis, quads, hamstrings) around my knees. My knees are now stronger than ever AND have more controlled range of motion than I have had previously. It was a long road, but I’m now doing Cleans, Box Jumps, Double Unders and even Pistols(!) again! In this Seminar I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned to help you get out of knee pain, to break through your squat plateaus, or simply help you move through everyday life in a more confident way.

Who is this Seminar for?
Tired of knee pain when you move? Plateauing on strength gains with your squats? Have a feeling of dread or fear when you see Wall Balls or Jump Rope programmed in Group Class? Looking for a daily routine to keep your knees active? Want to jump higher? Want to simply be able to keep doing the things you love to do without stiff joints getting in the way? Are you shaking your head, thinking, “If you had my knees, you’d understand…”? I thought that too. If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions….this seminar is for you.

What you can expect
We’ll spend three hours together going through all of the movements in the program to make sure you have a proper understanding of progression and execution. I’ll take you through a full workout for your knees, starting with assessment, muscle activation, range of motion work, strength work, finally finishing with some mobility. We’ll go through detailed progressions to take you from where you are to start building those bulletproof knees. You’ll leave with a specific plan on how to advance toward a greater PAIN FREE range of motion and how to systematically add load to the movements.

The Knee Seminar will take place on Sunday, January 14th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. The cost of the seminar is $100. Space will be limited to ensure that all participants receive the attention and detailed instruction that they deserve. If the cost of this Seminar is prohibitive to your participation, please reach out to me to discuss – brett@crossfitsouthbrooklyn. com



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