2024 Wodapalooza Miami Individual Event 1 Results

The 2024 TYR Wodapalooza Miami contest is underway at Bayfront Park in Miami, FL. Forty-one Individual men and 40 Individual women are competing in the Elite division in the contest by Loud and Live Sports.

The first workout, “Double or Nothin’, kicked off the festivities on Jan. 11, 2024. The results are listed below:

Event 1 — Double or Nothin’ Results

Athletes were challenged to perform the following:

For max load; two attempts of the following complex:

One Snatch + One Hang Snatch — 45 seconds on | 45 seconds off

Tiebreaker: Max Overhead Squats

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Elite Individual Women’s Results

The Elite women came out to Miami to put on a show, and they didn’t disappoint.

Event winner Julia Hannaford took the first 100 points of the weekend with an impressive 195-pound complex.

Four-time CrossFit Games athlete Dani Speegle also hefted a powerful 195 pounds, but Hannaford edged her out in a tiebreaker with five overhead squats.

Julia Hannaford

Dani Speegle

Olivia Kerstetter

Gabriela Migała

Bergros Bjornsdottir

Ro Scott

Jessica Androsik

Danielle Brandon

Nina Vragovic

Abigail Domit

Rebecka Vitesson

Emma Cary

Lexi Neely

Katie Canning

Ellia Miller

Grace Walton

Gabrielle Spenst

Nicolette Torreggiani

Elizabeth Wishart

Elena Carratala Sanahuja

Stacy Lerum

Arielle Loewen

Caroline Stanley

Freya Moosbrugger

Sydney Wells

Rebecca Fuselier

Callista Lang

Briony Challis

Keara Napoli

Emily Rolfe

Feeroozeh Saghafi

Margaux Masset

Allison Weiss

Emily De Rooy

Matilde Oyen Garnes

Emily Rethwill

Ashley Shoemaker

Andra Moistus

Christee Hollard

Becca Merritt

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Elite Individual Men’s Results

Guilherme Malheiros is strong.

His finesse and power on the platform are always on display when there’s a barbell complex to be had. Gui didn’t mess around, getting down to business with a 310-pound complex that blew the nearest competition out of the proverbial water.

Jack Rozema and Brent Fikowski both hit an impressive 285 pounds, but there was no contest for the win here.

Guilherme Malheiros

Jack Rozema

Brent Fikowski

Jack Farlow

Kalyan Ribeiro De Souza

CJ Gerald

Kaique Cerveny

William Bennett

Samuel Cournoyer

Antonios Makaronas

Nick Mathew

Bronislaw Olenkowicz

Patrick Vellner

Ricky Garard

Spencer Panchik

Travon Benton

Samuel Kwant

Colten Mertens

Roman Khrennikov

Henrik Haapalainen

Drake Lewis

James Sprague

Austin Hatfield

Juan Ignacio Sforzini

John Wood

Jacob Heart

Kevin Jurs

Luke Parker

Alex Vigneault

Connor Voltz

Harry Lightfoot

Tanner Balazs

Alexandre Caron

Martin Feiferlik

Arturo Torres

Evan Rogers

Nikita Yundov

Francis Pelletier

Lucas Heuze

Joshua Hong

Guilherme Domingues

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Day one of the 2024 Wodapalooza Miami competition is slated to feature two more Individual workouts. The first is titled “Cortadito,” which will gas athletes out via parallel dar dips, deadlifts, front squats, and burpees.

Featured Image: @wodapalooza / Instagram

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