2024 Wodapalooza Miami Team Event 2 Results

After the first workout for the Teams division at the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza Miami saw two-time Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros and teammates Willy Geoges and Jay Crouch of Team GOWOD score the fastest trail run time, the elite male teams were thirsty to get back on the competition floor for the second workout titled, “Worms Can’t Swim.”

Likewise, the elite female teams aimed to climb the leaderboard against the overall leader NGH — Nicole Crouch, Katie Brock, and Gudbjorg Valdimarsdottir — following the 5K trail run in the morning. The second workout is below, followed by the full results:

[2024 Wodapalooza Miami Live Results and Leaderboard]

Team Event 2 Results — Worms Can’t Swim

For time:

30 Worm Clean & Jerk

Athlete One — Swim

Athletes Two & Three — 50 Syncro Burpees (over the worm)

20 Worm Clean & Jerk

Athlete Two — Swim

Athletes One & Three — 50 Syncro Burpees (over the worm)

10 Worm Clean & Jerk

Athlete Three — Swim

Athletes One & Two — 50 Syncro Burpees (over the worm)

Five Worm Clean & Jerk

Time cap: 24 minutes.

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Elite Female Team Results

Rx Performance — 18:01.72

Team Bareen — 18:55.96

Lycan Gang — 19:13.46

NGL — 20:45.23

Mile High Muscles — 20:54.07

Team Scandinadian — 20.54.07

Stronger Than a 90s Trend — 21:04.90

Plus Ultra — 21:30.07

Team Frog Grips — 21:40.52

Team Ice Barrel — 22:02.47

Kolesnikov Team — 22:23.00

Torian Black — 22:25.72

Leapin Lemurs — 22:33.94

Reebok Crew — 22:55.00

Lifters Girls — 23:00.94

Three Queens — 23:03.51

US Army Warrior Fitness — 23:18.21

Fearless Misfits — 23:31.39

Base Wellness — 23:44.02

Conquer Cuties — CAP + 215

Limey Girls — CAP + 215

Trailer Park Girls — CAP + 213

Dixieland Delight — CAP + 210

Team Treta — CAP + 201

Kriger Meets Trainingculture — CAP + 199

Firebarns Club — CAP + 194

Sweet Sticky Thicc and Pretty — CAP + 175

The most noticeable choice variation amongst the teams in the first female heat was whether or not athletes chose to wear shoes while lifting the worm or remain barefoot. Nicole Crouch for NGH lept into the water with the early lead.

Crouch couldn’t hold the lead through the first swim, which did not have an official specified distance, per the commentary team. However, she kept NGH toward the front of the heat against US Army Warrior Fitness and Three Queens, and NGH reclaimed the lead by the second swim.

The difference was the timing coordination by NGH. They got right to work on their final set of clean & jerks after the final swim, while the trailing teams needed to finish their burpees.

Heat two left heat one in the dust…err…water. Team Rx Performance scorched the second heat in a time of just over 18 minutes. The optimal strategy seemed to have the weakest swimmer on each team head into the water first and have the best swimmer head out last.

Elite Male Team Results

Complex Wodex maintained the fastest time through the first swim in the opening heat for the male teams. They’ll held onto the lead through the second swim, suggesting that it was their heat to lose.

Uno (Dos. Tres.) To Go

One workout remains for elite teams on day three of the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza. Titled “Uno.Dos.Tres.” the workout comprises wall walks, handstand push-ups, deadlifts, double-unders, hang cleans, and front squats.

Featured image: @crouchy_x on Instagram

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