Tesla Eyes Gym Equipment with ‘Cyberhammer’

The electric vehicle company filed a trademark app for a new piece of exercise equipment, a hammer inspired by its famous Cybertruck 

Tesla, known for its electric vehicles, recently submitted a trademark application in the United States for the “Cyberhammer,” defined as a piece of “exercise equipment, namely, gym hammers for fitness purposes.”

While little else is known about the merchandise, it is likely to be designed with elements of the popular Cybertruck, the company’s electric pickup truck. During the Cybertruck’s unveiling in 2019, it was famously hit with a hammer to demonstrate its resilience. 

The Cyberhammer comes as the latest addition to Tesla’s line of Cybertruck-inspired merchandise and accessories. Gigabeer, a small-batch premium German beer, and the Cyberwhistle, a stainless-steel whistle, have been popular despite their high prices of around $800 and $70, respectively. 

Tesla entering the fitness equipment market could be merely a one-time venture, but if the Cyberhammer is popular, the company might expand its offerings. After the recent trademark application, the product is likely to appear in Tesla’s online store soon. 

Exercise sledgehammers are effective pieces of equipment for full-body workouts. They can be used for squats or swings, which can be used for muscle and ligament stabilizing and strength-building. Fitness hammers on average range in price from around $50-$150. Based on the pricing of Tesla’s other merchandise, the Cyberhammer is likely to retail for more.   

In a similar move, Ikea recently entered fitness equipment market with a 19-piece collection. Dubbed the Dajlien (“daily’) collection, Ikea’s fitness product line includes exercise mats, a step-up board and a set of ring-shaped dumbbells designed for easy use, storage and travel. Other products include recovery-focused items like an air purifier, yoga straps, and a massage ball.

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