Solidcore Powers Up With Starter Class, Member Perks Program

The boutique fitness brand is supporting its expansion plans with a new ad campaign, an intro class for new clients and a member loyalty program

As Solidcore continues its rapid expansion, the Pilates-inspired strength training brand under blue lights is energizing fitness consumers with an inspiring trifecta that includes a new ad campaign, the national rollout of Starter50, a class designed with new clients in mind, and an exclusive perks program with health and wellness brand partners.

Dubbed “Fail With Us,” Solidcore’s new creative campaign aligns with January’s fitness resolution season, rewriting the concept of failure as a hurdle to mentally and physically overcome through the signature Solidcore workout.

“At Solidcore, failure is the name of the game,” Bryan Myers, Solidcore’s president and CEO, tells Athletech News. “But it’s not the ‘failure’ you’re used to. During each and every class, we purposefully activate our slow-twitch-muscle fibers, shaking to the point of muscle failure and needing to take a break. We embrace this idea of failure as a sign of growth, success, and strength, and the core of what makes this workout unique. This campaign brings this idea to life—and flips failure on its head.”

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Intro Class To Attract New Clients

Complementing the campaign is Solidcore’s newest class, Starter50, which the fitness brand says not only introduces new clients to its community and workout but can jumpstart dedication — with Starter50 clients more than 15% more likely to commit to their goals. The new offering is now available nationwide at all of Solidcore’s 110-plus locations, providing an accessible pace and extra demonstrations. 

“Starter50 is meant to help new clients build confidence so they are equipped with the knowledge to go into a standard Solidcore class feeling ready to take on the challenges the 50-minute workout presents,” Myers explains. “Our goal behind rolling this class format out nationally is to simply introduce the workout to new clients, anyone revising after an injury, or anyone who has taken an all-level class before and wants something slower in pace.”

Exclusive Member Perks

The cherry on top of Solidcore’s New Year strategy, however, is Core Collective — a new membership benefits program that includes special perks from brand partners Liquid I.V., Milk Makeup, Daily Harvest, Celsius, Care/of, and Heyday. All current Solidcore members are eligible.

Intended to promote and support the holistic wellness of Solidcore clients, Core Collective offers 25% off cans of Celsius purchased in-studio, 20% off Liquid I.V. when purchased online, 25% off the first three months of a Care/of subscription, $10 off all facials through the year with Heyday, 20% off the new Real Food Reset through Daily Harvest and 20% off Milk Makeup.

Expansion Plans Underway

Officially branded as [solidcore], the Pilates-inspired workout concept has attracted fitness consumers of all kinds who are looking for low-impact, strength-based training.

“With the global surge in running, we’ve seen many of our clients utilize Solidcore for their cross-training days during marathon training blocks to keep their bodies intact while still targeting a moderate heart rate,” Myers shared, adding that low-impact workouts reduce the risk of injury and overuse, making it the ideal recovery workout.

Affectionately referred to as “Pilates on steroids” for its challenging fitness approach, Solidcore’s ambitious expansion plans include opening up 250 U.S. studios by 2028. For now, the brand is in high demand in areas like San Francisco, with Solidcore planning to expand in the Bay Area.

credit: [solidcore]

As Solidcore gears up for growth this year, the brand announced the move of its corporate headquarters from Washington, D.C., to Rosslyn, Virginia, doubling its workspace and touting adaptable workstations and wellness rooms to support employee health, as well as a mock studio for product innovation.

Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Anne Mahlum founded the pilates-inspired boutique fitness company before selling it for an undisclosed amount last year to Kohlberg & Company, a private equity firm that has invested additional funding into the brand as it looks to scale.

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