These Wellness Products Are a Must-Try in 2024

Looking to start the new year off on the right foot? These are some of the best wellness products on the market in 2024
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Athletech News has rounded up five of the best wellness products to help jumpstart your 2024 New Year’s resolutions. This year, key wellness trends include health personalization, activewear that takes you from the studio to the street, at-home aromatherapy, functional training and holistic-plant-based nutrition; the brands featured here respond to those trends with top-quality offerings.

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It’s no surprise that Form activewear constantly sells out—the brand’s buttery apparel is as soft as it is high-quality. The line comes in earth tones and bright pink and has subtle but flattering detailing. Form’s current sports bras, the Supporter and Halter, have adjustable shoulder straps and removable padding for customization. The apparel is supportive but not overly compressive and is ideal for low-impact workouts like Pilates. However, the apparel works well for everything from HIIT workouts to indoor cycling to errands.  

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Possible Protein & Supergreens

Possible is dedicated to providing organic, plant-based nutrition to fuel adventures. The brand’s Proteins are filled with supercharged ingredients that many powders lack, like brown rice protein, pea protein, oat flour, pumpkin seed protein and buckwheat flour. A single scoop has 30% of your daily iron and around 20% of your daily fiber. Possible Supergreens includes high-quality fruits and vegetables like broccoli, kale, kelp, blue spirulina, beets, matcha powder and pea vine juice powder. Both powders have a subtle sweetness and mix well with water or in a smoothie to supercharge your drinks on the go. 

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credit: Homedics

Homedics SereneScent 

Move over, old aromatherapy diffusers—Homedics SereneScent will blow the others out of the water. SereneScent allows for customizable fragrance levels based on preferred scent intensity and does not require any water to operate. The diffuser uses intermittent cycles of mist and pauses and can be set to automatically turn off after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. SereneScent is designed beautifully, in a sleek silver, black, or gold color that can blend into different rooms. Although sold separately, Homedics fragrance oils are strong but not overpowering, and are 100% natural, made from a blend of essential oils. While Homedics recommends purchasing their oils, it is possible to use others in the device as well.  

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credit: Centr

Centr Circuit: Elevate 

Centr Circuit: Elevate is a six-week program of high-intensity functional and strength training from Centr, the fitness and wellness brand founded by Chris Hemsworth. It provides users with four efficient but effective 30-minute workouts each week, with moves that build upon each other. It also allows for low-impact modifications in every workout and adds breathwork exercises to improve performance and recovery. The workouts are led by Alexz Parvi and Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth’s longtime trainer. Centr provides a daily personalized fitness, nutrition and wellness plan based on your health goals and dietary restrictions. The platform provides a streamlined way to tackle resolutions in 2024.  

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Looking to kick the year off with science-backed, personalized recommendations? BellSant is an all-in-one service that provides blood, physical and mental health assessments as inputs to show users their aging trends on 11 key systems, like Mobility, Heart & Lungs, Liver & Kidneys, and Hormones. Users take a blood test at a Quest Diagnostics location and can connect a health tracker for additional data. By retesting every three months, users stay on top of their goals and progress throughout the new year. BellSant provides top recommendations based on a user’s inputs, like reducing exposure to light in the evenings before bed, taking a vitamin D supplement or adjusting protein sources based on digestibility. One unique feature of BellSant is that each recommendation comes with references from scientific journals. For those looking for smaller resolutions to tackle existing health needs, consider BellSant. 

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