Eat Like a Champion — Samson Dauda’s 2024 Arnold Classic Prep Diet

Eight weeks out from the 2024 Arnold Classic, reigning Men’s Open champion Samson Dauda is eating toward the goal of his first title defense. That means measuring and timing his meals for months leading up to the contest.

With Dauda’s partner helping prep meals, the 2023 Mr. Olympia bronze medalist gave his fans a glimpse of a complete day of eating in a video published on his YouTube channel on Jan. 6, 2024. Check it out below:

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Meal One

Oats — 100 grams

One scoop of whey isolate protein powder

Three whole eggs (fried)

Ninety-nine percent of Dauda’s meals comprise high-quality whole foods prepped in his home kitchen. He avoids unnecessary supplementation.

Dauda’s protein sources are prepped days in advance — grilling chicken and steak — and measured out for two weeks’ worth of meals. His proteins are stored in bags in the freezer and reheated when needed. 

At the time of the recording, Dauda was dealing with a partially torn hamstring that required his cardio and training to accommodate the injury. He feels proper nutrition will help him recover faster.

Meal Two

Steak — 200 grams

Sweet potatoes — 300 grams

Meal two’s high protein and complex carb content gives Dauda ample amino acids and slow-burning energy for his training sessions. He cooked the sweet potatoes in an Instant Pot, making them easier to peel. Dauda’s meals have not changed in years; the only adjustments have been steak and sweet potato measurements based on whether he’s in or off-season

Though Dauda’s meals stay the same, his hypertrophy gains remain as well. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Dauda expressed. “People say, ‘Oh, they get bored of…eating the same food over and over and over every day. It doesn’t mean you can’t have treats and nothing.’ The main part of this is you’re not eating for taste; you’re not eating for enjoyment; eating becomes your job.”

Meal Three

Basmati rice — 1.5 cups

Lean five percent beef mince — 180 grams

Dauda mixes up his protein sources throughout the day, varying between eggs, chicken breast, beef steak, lean beef mince, fish, and whey isolate. Doing so helps his digestion. Likewise, he mixes low-calorie sauces into his meals for flavor. 

Meal Four & Five

Basmati rice —  1.5 cups

Chicken breast — 250 grams

Green vegetables

Dauda eats 1.5 cups of rice per meal rather than his typical two cups to trim body fat for the 2024 Arnold Classic. Chicken and rice paired with veggies are Dauda’s final two meals.

Dauda eats his final meal near bedtime for sufficient calories inside his system throughout the night, aiding his muscle tissue and offering energy stores for his morning cardio.

The 2024 Arnold Classic is set for March 1-3, 2024, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. Dauda will attempt to beat 2023 Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan.

Featured image: @samson__dauda on Instagram

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