DUMAGUS Helps Gyms Win Members in the Strength-Training Era

With DUMAGUS’ AI-powered tracking tech, gyms and their members get the most out of strength training, which is more popular than ever in 2024

At the intersection of competitive fitness spirit and cutting-edge technology, one will find DUMAGUS, an artificial intelligence-backed software that tracks and organizes workout data in real time. After a sensor installation, DUMAGUS takes care of everything a gym goer needs outside of the workout itself, counting reps, logging progress, sharing it, and overall catering to a user’s personalized fitness journey. 

The software leverages tracking tech to help gyms and their members get the most out of strength training, which is more popular than ever in 2024, making it a potent engagement and acquisition tool for fitness facilities 

Different Forms of Workout Incentivization

Once introduced to the product, the next-gen tech at DUMAGUS pulls users in immediately by reminding them of the tangible benefits of fitness.

“Most people who actually partake in health and fitness activities likely had an active childhood where their parents put them in sports or put them in various physical activities where they naturally progressed,” DUMAGUS Founder Ayo Ajanaku explained. “That means those people actually have first-hand experience in adulthood of the psychological, physical, emotional benefits of fitness activity and so they continue to do so even though they may not be necessarily competing.”

Ayo Ajanaku (credit: DUMAGUS)

Ajanaku listed an increase in bone density and hormonal balance improvements as examples of the benefits of fitness, especially strength training. 

For those without a sports-based background and unaware of the benefits of consistent exercise, DUMAGUS creates new ones from scratch. 

“Those who haven’t had that upbringing may find it a lot more difficult to persist long enough in adulthood to experience the benefits that fitness provides,” Ajanaku noted. “So whether it’s someone seasoned or coming into fitness, particularly strength training later in life, DUMAGUS uses expert knowledge in the form of delivering tailored insights to these individuals to point them to the benefits that they should be keeping an eye out for.” 

Those insights are displayed from the jump after installing DUMAGUS. Users are first taken to a dashboard where they can see who else is using DUMAGUS and where they rank on various leaderboards. The report gets as detailed as specific reps, weight and overall workout consistency. That’s where the gamification comes in, as users are pitted against each other and compelled to ascend leaderboards. 

credit: DUMAGUS

Beyond that, DUMAGUS also plans to launch a reward-based program in its software. While the company is still going over who it would like to partner with, DUMAGUS will eventually offer exclusive deals with participating brands to users who reach certain goals.

“Our leaderboard and active challengers will typically be sufficient for most people who have already cultivated a practice of workout discipline. But that’s just the beginning,” Ajanaku said. “The key aspect here is that the only people who are going to be rewarded with these opportunities, giveaways and discounts are people who will be able to see that they are progressing towards having those doors open to them. It’s almost like they can see how far away they are from getting these opportunities.” 

Striking While the Iron’s Hot

DUMAGUS’ efforts could not come at a more advantageous time, with strength training picking up steam in the post-pandemic world. A few months ago, Mindbody forecasted a surge in the workout modality’s popularity in 2024. More than 60% of consumers said they feature weight or strength training in their exercise routines, and more than half of those who do so work out two to four times per week, the software provider found. 

This should come as no surprise for those familiar with the modality’s benefits. Strength training rewards users with improved flexibility, cardiovascular health, metabolism, joint function, and, of course, strength. DUMAGUS promises to amplify all of the above. 

There’s also an increase in strength training popularity from a social perspective. Back in April, a search of strength training keywords revealed that #strengthtraining had 12 million posts and #weightlifting had 22 million posts, while #ellipticalworkout reeled in just 50,000. 

A Potent Acquisition & Retention Tool

DUMAGUS’ use of AI and tracking tech already helps separate those facilities using the product from a normal gym atmosphere. But the company’s emphasis on the individual takes it to another level, specifically with regard to member acquisition and retention. 

“Many traditional gyms fail in their belief that people are just numbers and only go to the gym to train,” Ajanaku said. “That may be true of a few, but generally speaking, the gym is a community and most people who go are extremely helpful in helping others achieve their goals as well. This has led us to believe that there is a need for personalization, community-oriented solutions and knowledge-sharing in order to create a strong and consistent tribe over time. It’s why we’ve taken the approach that we have.”

credit: DUMAGUS

Given its unique offerings, DUMAGUS takes a “let the product speak for itself” approach in its marketing. This simple, old-school strategy may contradict the forward-thinking the company employs in all other aspects of its business, but it’s proved successful all the same. 

“We have a few good gym partners who’ve seen what we’re doing and would like us to open our doors to them first,” Ajanaku said. “Our objective is really to leverage our users to do the talking for us. Our aim is for our earliest users to love how this works, so much so that people already know who we are before we approach them.”

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