Wahoo Fitness Launches Treadmill Powered by Smart Tech

Featuring gamification from Zwift Run and other high-tech features, Wahoo’s Kickr Run is a formidable entry into the treadmill space

Treadmills are officially coming to Wahoo Fitness, promising to take users and the company itself down new paths in 2024. 

The indoor and outdoor fitness supplier will launch the Kickr Run Smart Treadmill in the United States within the coming year and globally by 2025. With lines of smart bikes, wearables, and other fitness accessories up until this point, this resembles a groundbreaking move with the Kickr Run being a first-of-its-kind product for the Atlanta-based Wahoo Fitness

The software within the treadmill is equally forward-thinking. The Kickr Run includes a new sensing system called “Run Free Mode,” which allows users to change pace in a hands-free manner. High-speed motors react within milliseconds to a user’s position on the running platform to naturally adapt to changes in speed. This allows runners to undergo a seamless cardio exercise experience where their feet dictate their pace rather than a series of buttons. 

“I have been working behind the scenes with a very talented group of Wahooligans developing Kickr Run for over 7 years – so I am delighted to see it come to market,” said Chip Hawkins, founder of Wahoo Fitness. “As passionate runners – we wanted to create the most realistic experience and create a tool that helps people improve, become better athletes and achieve their goals. The Kickr Run will revolutionize indoor running, in the same way that the Kickr did for indoor cycling over a decade ago.”

credit: Wahoo Fitness

Gamification & More

The treadmill also features Zwift Run, a gamified mode that allows users to feel changes in gradient while trotting down virtual pathways. This, alongside innovative lateral tilting capabilities, installs a more accurate simulation of an outdoor running environment from within the comfort of your own home or facility. 

Wahoo’s heart rate monitors, smartwatches and other accessories also connect to the Kickr Run to back the product with as much tech-enabled support as possible. USB ports to charge devices, WiFi connectivity and a port for a hardwired connection are available as well. Even the little things, such as water bottle holders spaced around an integrated laptop, are covered.

The Kickr Run will make its first public appearance at the Boston Run Show on Saturday, January 27th, 2024. Live demos will run through that weekend.

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