CEO Corner: Ginger Ressler on Fabletics’ Activewear Rise

Ginger Ressler co-founded Fabletics in 2013. Since then, the brand has become one of the biggest names in activewear

Ginger Ressler co-founded Fabletics in 2013 with her husband Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, with the brand soon after adding actress Kate Hudson. A Southern California Native and former Division 1 track athlete, Ressler began the brand with the vision of creating affordable but high-quality activewear.

Over the last decade, Fabletics has taken the activewear space by storm, with its innovative VIP membership program and wide variety of apparel and accessories.

In addition to Hudson, the brand has notably collaborated with celebrities including Kevin Hart and Khloé Kardashian, making it a household name in the activewear space.

Athletech News spoke with Ressler about her experience in co-founding Fabletics and how the company has stayed relevant and continued to innovate in the activewear space over the last ten-plus years.

The following conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Athletech News: What gap did you see in the market that prompted you to co-found Fabletics? 

Ginger Ressler: At the onset of the brand, I had a very personal connection to what we were creating with Fabletics. As a Division 1 track and field athlete, fitness has always played a huge role in my life, as well as juggling my role as a mom of four. I take my workouts seriously, but having fun is most important – in and out of the gym. I wanted to bridge this “fun first” thought process and creativity to create high-quality items at an affordable price point. I knew this brand would resonate with others, and help people feel empowered to look and feel their best. 

Fabletics Luxe360 Collection (credit: Fabletics)

ATN: What differentiates Fabletics from its competitors in a crowded market like activewear? 

GR: One of the things that sets Fabletics apart is the versatility of the products we make – I can go from a workout to school pickup, to a meeting, or go run errands – while feeling confident in the same outfit. These products simply work for my lifestyle, and I knew I wouldn’t be alone in that thinking.  

But when you’re one of many, I think it’s important to have multiple differentiators that help set you apart from the crowd. At Fabletics, we have many reasons as to why we have a loyal member base. First, we’re the largest digitally native activewear brand in the marketplace. Secondly, our unique, flexible and innovative VIP membership model allows us to build a deeper relationship with our core consumer. And, most importantly, it’s always been our mission to create fashionable, high-performance active lifestyle products that are accessible – made for every body shape – at an attainable price point. 

ATN: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a company and how have you overcome them? 

GR: No matter who you are and where you’re at in the journey of your brand, challenges come and go. At Fabletics, we listen to our members and believe success comes by 1) creating a huge variety of products that are technical, stylish and comfortable, 2) continuing to push the boundaries by offering accessible sizes and price points, and 3) collaborating with people who we value to showcase our brand, like Kevin Hart and Khloé Kardashian, for example. 

After ten years, Fabletics continues to create an amazing product that stands out amongst competitors. We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to listen to what consumers are asking for – body diversity and accessibility continue to be at the top of that list. As we strive to create unique products that stand out, we push ourselves to create new, stylish, and purposeful products and expand categories, like launching Fabletics Scrubs in 2022. 

ATN: How important has expansion into new areas been for Fabletics over the past few years, such as adding menswear and the launch of Fabletics FIT? 

GR: You’re hitting the nail right on the head – expansion and diversification have really helped drive growth for Fabletics since the brand’s inception. Throughout the years, our expansion into new categories, like Scrubs, Men’s, Lounge, Sleep, Any-Wear, and Swim, has allowed Fabletics to become more than your average traditional activewear brand. With a broader offering comes a broader reach – the ability to engage with an entirely new customer that perhaps we didn’t appeal to before.

Simultaneously, as we’ve expanded into these new categories, we’ve also aligned ourselves with incredible ambassadors – like Kevin Hart, and Khloé Kardashian – who have helped establish brands, curate thoughtful collections, and provide input into new designs and styles. Our curated collections created with well-known celebrities have been successful because we’ve taken the time and effort to align ourselves with people who share the same passion we do for fashion and fun.

With every new partnership, we aim to raise the bar. Our two-part Edit collection with Khloé Kardashian in fall 2022 was one of our most successful to date. Her authenticity, keen eye for style, and genuine and passionate fanbase heightened attention to this incredible collection. We aim to recreate that success time and time again.

Fabletics Luxe360 Collection (credit: Fabletics)

ATN: What’s next for Fabletics? 

GR: 2024 marks Fabletics’ 10-year anniversary – a momentous milestone. To celebrate, we’re kicking off the year with a special archive curation for our Luxe360 Collection, a quarterly release of elevated, high-fashion and high-performance items that are designed to make you feel your best while keeping movement in mind. This anniversary-themed capsule is a nod to some of the brand’s most legendary pieces of all time – taking you through a decade of style.

As the year goes on, we’re looking forward to launching additional collaborations with some well-known celebrity partners, rolling out some exciting brand partnerships, relaunching certain categories, continuing to build on our retail presence and experience, and striving to always develop the best products possible for our members. 

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