Exxentric Pushes Boundaries Inside & Outside the Gym With Splitit

Exxentric uses flywheel tech to disrupt strength training. Thanks to Splitit, it’s also changing the way consumers buy fitness products

In terms of exercise – and the way users pay for it – Exxentric isn’t afraid to take the road less traveled. 

The fitness equipment supplier, founded in 2011, uses flywheel technology to prompt its users to pull against inertia. This, according to Exxentric, creates a dynamic form of strength training with a safer and more controlled approach compared to traditional options such as weight lifting. 

“It facilitates for coaches, therapists and individual athletes to get a variable load throughout the full range of motion” Johan A Larsson, head of ecommerce and marketing at Exxentric, told Athletech News. “That provides a range of possibilities for optimizing your strength training such as using Exxentric overload and other benefits for the knowledgeable trainer or athlete.”

Purchasing Options Expand

Users can purchase Exxentric’s products via less conventional methods as well. The company recently partnered with Splitit, a white-label, fully-embedded installments-as-a-solution technology platform that unlocks existing consumer credit on payment cards for 0% interest. The technology allows users to divide their expenses over time when making purchases.

credit: Splitit

“With the inflation and the general recession tendency in the economy today, offering financing or pay later options are important for any investment grade product,” Larsson said. “Given that we have pretty high order values, I think it’s important for us. That’s probably the same for many other fitness equipment vendors. You need options for the customer to find the right financing.”

Adding Clients of all Kinds

Exxentric is committed to supplying individuals engaged in health and wellness at more than one level. The company already made waves in strength training’s professional side, but has its eye on expanding beyond that, with help from Splitit. Exxentric’s kBox equipment ranges from $1,390 to $2,990. Its LegExx and LegFlexx machines both cost upwards of $6,000. However, the Splitit purchasing avenue breaks down those numbers over time, making them less daunting to anyone with a limited budget.

“We’re increasingly targeting advanced home users,” said Larsson. “It’s amateur athletes, weekend warriors, people who invest a lot of time, effort and budget into their training. Splitit is helping us to expand from the professional audience into the home audience.”

credit: Exxentric

According to a post-pandemic report, 30% of fitness studios spend less than $1,000 per year on new equipment. There lies a key demographic that Exxentric and Splitit are also targeting. 

A Winning Solution for All Parties

Splitit also ensures secure monetary transactions. The company attracted Exxentric as a partner with its compatibility across different currencies; Exxentric views this flexibility as another necessity for its business operations in today’s day and age. 

“We wanted to avoid going through the hassle of trying to figure out how to address the customers’ financing problem in all the different markets where we are active, being a small company with limited resources,” said Larsson. “This was especially important for us in the US market, which is the largest for us. At that time, Splitit provided a solution that was hassle-free and a good enough financing option to our customers. It’s a solution we can use globally.”

Exxentric’s forward thinking has paid off thus far. The company reports that the average order value for orders coming in via Splitit are 88% higher than order values overall. It’s a functioning, well-made match, as Larsson also noted that there was no other realistic option on the table offering a similar payment solution for its customers. 

“It’s all about sales right?” said Larsson. “In the end, we can’t know for sure what drives people’s behavior. But we do see that a lot of people asked for financing options and when we launched with Splitit, a lot of people chose it as their payment method. We do believe that this has contributed to our growth. That’s what’s important for us.”

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