How Patrick and Kristi O’Connell Program Training for Their 2024 HYROX Debuts in Houston

CrossFit turned hybrid athletes Patrick O’Connell and Kristi O’Connell will make their HYROX debuts at the 2024 HYROX Houston contest on March 16, 2024, in Texas. They’re tailoring their workouts to HYROX’s prioritization of functional fitness combined with running.

HYROX races feature eight stations, with one-kilometer runs between each:

One-kilometer Run

1000-meter Ski Erg

One-kilometer Run

50-meter Sled Push

One-kilometer Run

50-meter Sled Pull

One-kilometer Run

80-meter Burpee Broad Jump

One-kilometer Run

1000-meter Row

One-kilometer Run

200-meter Farmer Carry

One-kilometer Run

100-meter Sandbag Lunge

One-kilometer Run

75 & 100 Wall Balls

On Jan. 21, 2024, the O’Connells published a video on their YouTube channel documenting their new hybrid programming.

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Hybrid Training Vs. CrossFit 

HYROX incorporates many functional fitness fundamentals similar to CrossFit, but the former features more running. The O’Connells are not as well-trained in running for HYROX’s demand, so their updated programming prioritizes improving their running mechanics.

Kristi O’Connell explains that CrossFit challenges athletes in many disciplines, from Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics and anything in between, varying from competition to competition. HYROX’s races are always the same every time, allowing athletes to track their progress over time.

The O’Connell’s HYROX Hybrid Workout

Two Rounds: 400-meter Run + 30-calorie Ski Erg + 120-foot Walking Lunges

Two Rounds: 400-meter Run + 60-foot Burpee Broad Jumps + 15/12 Calorie Rows

Two Rounds: 400-meter Run + 12-foot Farmer Carries + 30 Wall Balls

The workout mimicked a HYROX race with the same stations listed above, except adapted to not cover the entire distance a race requires. They’re not trying to fatigue themselves during the workout; they’re trying to get a feel for HYROX’s pacing.

Their ski erg and rowing rounds are measured in calories rather than distance to develop a pace that edges between “comfortable and uncomfortable.” For the other stations, it’s about continuous movement to monitor their heart rates.

Since Patrick O’Connell’s previous programming was more geared toward bodybuilding and conditioning, his heart rate spiked during the running increments. Kristi O’Connell was a bit more acclimated to the cardio needs, stating, “How hard do you want to push? There are no high skills slowing you down. If you’re strong enough to move the wall ball, the sled, and the kettlebells, your heart rate becomes that limiting factor.”

The O’Connells don’t believe there is an advantage to be built on their competition due to the lack of high- or specific-skill movements like handstand walks or power cleans, which are featured in CrossFit. They feel any edge to gain is during the one-kilometer runs and overall conditioning.

Since the above workout was completed in 28 minutes, Patrick O’Connell estimates he’ll finish his first HYROX race in approximately an hour and 10 minutes.

Featured image: @kristieramo on Instagram

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