Rogue Fitness Announces Limited-Edition 44-Pound “Artillery” Coffee Mug

The cold (brew) war of weighted coffee mugs is heating up. Last fall, strength training equipment manufacturer Eleiko Sport broke the minds of its customer base when its “Heavy Mug,” an April Fools’ gag-turned-real-product, went viral online. Several other companies were quick to capitalize on the mad demand for weighted mugs.

On Friday, Jan. 26, 2024, American manufacturer Rogue Fitness joined the fray, revealing its Artillery Mug & Anvil across social media as a limited-edition purchase. Check it out: 

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Rogue’s Artillery Mug & Anvil is available to purchase on its website beginning at 3:00 p.m. on Jan. 26 until 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 29. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

Price: $495 / $365 without the 10-kilogram anvil cap

Shipping: 2-3 weeks

Weight: 20 kilograms / 44 pounds

Capacity: 22 fluid ounces

In its announcement, Rogue revealed that it had originally crafted the mugs as a holiday gift for its sponsored athletes. Many of the biggest names in strength sports — think Brian Shaw, Mattie Rogers, and Emma Lawson — showcased their unboxing videos during and after the Christmas holiday. 

“We set out to build an over-the-top holiday gift for the Rogue athletes. Cost really wasn’t considered,” Rogue said in its announcement post. The company indicated that it expects to lose money on the sale of the Artillery Mugs.

The Coffee Mug Arms Race

Although Rogue didn’t mention the source of inspiration for the Artillery Mug & Anvil directly, if you’re plugged into the online strength training ecosystem, you can probably guess where the company got the idea. Eleiko Sport, a Swedish manufacturer known for its prestige line of barbells, weight plates, and other gym essentials, released a cheeky advertisement in the spring of 2023 for its “Heavy Mug” — a gag item not intended for production or sale. 

Flash forward a few months, and Eleiko’s funky little idea had flashbombed into a public relations nightmare. Thousands of would-be buyers stormed Eleiko’s comment sections across social media, demanding access to the mug. The company eventually yielded and (imperfectly, its website crashed) offered a few hundred Heavy Mugs for sale. 

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Thirsty for some of that demand, Rogue appears to have taken notice of the whole ordeal. The company’s Artillery Mugs were sent out to its athletes a few weeks before Christmas last year, and the rest is history. Notably, Rogue upped the ante — Eleiko’s mug weighed in at just under 20 pounds, while Rogue’s offering weighs in at 44 pounds. 

“[The two mugs] really aren’t on the same level … Our Anvil Mug is a true work of art,” Rogue remarked in the comments section of its announcement post. 

The Community Reacts

Take a stroll through Eleiko Sport’s comments sections on social media, and you’ll still see inquisitive (and voracious) customers asking for a re-release of the mug. With Rogue Fitness now offering a viable — and available, while supplies last — alternative, the strength training community is understandably elated, with strongman Jerry Pritchett commenting, “Those are awesome!!” in response to the drop.

Many commenters, however, balked at the price point, citing the $500 cost as exorbitant.

“Anyone who spends $500 on this has a major rogue addiction problem,” one follower commented on Instagram.

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At nearly five times the price and double the weight of Eleiko’s offering, Rogue Fitness’ Artillery Mug & Anvil is more than Thanos’ preferred coffee cup — it’s a statement. Only time will tell if another company (looking at you, Hammer Strength?) will step in and offer yet another option for everyday progressive overload. Still, for now, if you snag an Artillery mug over the weekend, you might want to size up some new T-shirts as well. 

Featured Image: @RogueFitness / Instagram

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