Fortë, SweatWorks To Create Next-Gen Digital Fitness Solutions

From interactive video to AI, the two fit tech companies have joined forces to deliver brands new-look omnichannel experiences

A strategic partnership has been forged between Fortë, a fitness and sports B2B, SaaS video monetization and community engagement provider, and SweatWorks, a digital agency for the fitness, wellness, and healthcare industries, to create an omnichannel experience for fitness brands and consumers.

Together, the two companies will supply fitness brands with interactive video product experiences focusing on community engagement, wearable integrations, music, CRM integrations, AI and more.

“The future of fitness is hybrid, and a strong digital experience is crucial to engaging your members where it suits their needs,” said Lauren Foundos, founder and CEO of Fortë. “The Fortë x SweatWorks partnership enables gyms and studios to create a highly customized experience to reflect their brand, integrated into their ecosystem, while utilizing Fortë’s underlying proprietary video platform that took a decade to develop specifically for the fitness industry as opposed to tools like Zoom or other generic video hosting platforms.”

Foundos added that the expertise and industry-built tools of Fortë and SweatWorks can help brands “expedite the launch of their dream platform.”

The female-founded Fortë closed a funding round in the seven figures last year, in addition to a previous $12.5 million round.

SweatWorks, founded in 2021, has led digital innovation and product development for high-profile brands but until now has been unable to serve the “mid-market” effectively, shared Mohammed Iqbal, founder and CEO of the digital agency.

The fitness technology agency has worked with leading brands such as Equinox, Nike, Bose, SoulCycle, Strava and Beachbody.

“With the Fortë x SweatWorks partnership, we have worked on an exclusive framework to deliver the high-design, integrated, bespoke experiences we are known for at a third of the time and scope typically required,” Iqbal said. “At the same time, the partnership allows SweatWorks to introduce Fortë and its platform to even more large global brands looking for a strong digital solution.“

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