New Balance Launches Sneaker Resale Program in Sustainability Push

With “Reconsidered,” customers can buy and sell used New Balance kicks online and in-store

The old shoes dwelling in the back of your closet could be worth more than you realize. If they’ve got the letters “NB” sewn into them, they’re likely worth digging up.

New Balance announced the launch of its footwear resale program, powered by Archive. Dubbed “Reconsidered,” participants can mail in or drop off gently worn shoes at store locations in exchange for New Balance vouchers.

Voucher amounts are determined by the age and condition of the returned shoes. Then, after cleaning them up, New Balance makes those shoes available for purchase online.

“We know the footwear industry has a significant environmental impact, including too many products ending up in a landfill,” said John Stokes, director of sustainability at New Balance. “There are many things that have to shift. Launching Reconsidered is one piece of the puzzle with a program objective to help extend product life for some of our products and get the most from what is already made.”

The program uses Archive as its foundation — a technology platform specializing in branded resales for apparel and footwear companies. Archive makes launching and scaling re-commerce operations simple for brands to drive customer loyalty and acquisition with a variety of models applicable to different kinds of businesses. Archive’s logistics partner, Tersus Solutions, provides product cleaning, fulfillment and warehousing services.

“Reconsidered was designed to give customers an easy, accessible way to keep New Balance shoes in circulation, as well as to provide consumers with a better buying experience for pre-loved shoes at an accessible price point,” said Emily Gittins, CEO and co-founder of Archive. “We’re proud to partner with New Balance to launch a full-service recommerce program that keeps shoes out of landfills, attracts new customers, and builds on existing customer loyalty.”

The Reconsidered launch speaks to New Balance’s broader environmental intentions. The sports footwear and apparel company wants to achieve 1.5°C-aligned emissions reduction through the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and source 100% renewable electricity for owned operations by 2025. The Boston-based brand also aims to continue sourcing lower-impact materials, transitioning to lower-carbon transportation and engaging with governments to help enact better climate policy.

Customers in the United States can access Reconsidered at In-store trade-in opportunities will begin at eight retail locations before expanding to more U.S. stores later this year.

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