Nick Walker’s First Back Training Day En Route to the 2024 New York Pro

The 2021 Arnold Classic champion Nick Walker withdrew from the 2023 Mr. Olympia three days before stepping on stage due to a hamstring and calf injury. While still on the mend, Walker announced that he’ll compete at the 2024 New York (NY) Pro, scheduled for May 18, 2024, in Teaneck, NJ, aiming to punch his ticket to the 2024 Mr. Olympia

On Feb. 5, 2024, Walker published a video on his YouTube channel, sharing his first back training session in prep for the 2024 NY Pro. Check it out below:

Nick Walker’s 2024 NY Pro Back Workout

Here is a snapshot of Walker’s high-volume back workout:

Lat Pulldown

Machine High Row

T-Bar Row

Seated Cable Row

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Reverse Pec Deck Flye

Rack Pulls


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Lat Pulldown

Walker opened the workout with this isolation exercise, maximizing lat activation. He maintained his torso at 45 degrees, employed a slow rep cadence, and paused at the top for a deep stretch

“You’ll see the same movements from now until the show,” said Walker. The New Jersey native emphasized the importance of consistency and progression in his workouts, focusing on movements that offer the best muscle contraction.

This approach in Walker’s four-day-per-week training schedule has helped him maintain a lean physique while minimizing inflammation.

Machine High Row & T-Bar Row

Unilateral high rows are a staple in Walker’s training routine. He used an underhand grip on the machine, kept his elbows tight to his torso, and focused on the stretch and squeeze. 

Walker’s slow eccentrics and pauses at the top increased the time under tension to promote hypertrophy. He highlighted the importance of adequate rest between sets to maximize the effectiveness of each set. (1)

Walker’s exercise was a chest-supported T-bar row. Walker warmed up with 90 pounds on the machine before increasing to 160 pounds for his first working set. He performed a drop set on the final set with 115 pounds to failure (where form starts to break due to fatigue).

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Seated Cable Row & One-Arm Dumbbell Row

Walker used relatively light weights for seated cable rows and aimed for higher, more controlled reps to maintain constant tension on the lats. He used a limited range of motion (ROM) and avoided leaning forward to prevent lower back strain.

If you’re getting 12 reps with heavier weight but shaking throughout, it is counterproductive.

Walker performed single-arm rows with 120-pound dumbbells. He maintained his torso almost parallel to the floor and assumed a staggered stance for better stability. 

Reverse Pec Deck Flye

Walker performed a couple of sets of reverse pec deck flyes to target the posterior delts. The 29-year-old highlighted that rear delts can handle more volume and employed rest-pause sets and partial reps for maximal muscle activation. (2)

Rack Pulls & Banded Hyperextensions

This conventional deadlift variation’s limited ROM biases the upper back, including the lats, traps, rhomboids, and teres major and minor. Walker opened with 225 pounds and lifted 405 pounds for the final set.

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Walker has shifted away from regularly using a weightlifting belt, believing it potentially weakens the back by limiting engagement during lifts. He prioritizes form and muscle engagement and suggests forgoing a belt encourages a greater concentration on technique and core stability

Walker concluded his back workout with banded hyperextensions. He wrapped one end of the band around a weight bench’s base and the other around his upper back. Walker contracted his mid and lower back to their fully shortened positions.

The 2021 NY Pro was Walker’s first pro show win. Three years later, he’s aiming for a repeat performance.


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