Alter Launches DNA Fitness System, Smart Mirror

An ecosystem including DNA testing, a wearable and fitness mirror has hit the market to upend at-home health and wellness

A new fitness mirror has hit the market — and this time, it’s powered by AI and driven by DNA. 

Alter, a biometric-based at-home fitness and wellness ecosystem, has officially launched, empowering consumers with DNA-based insights to personalize workouts and recovery for optimal results.  

Taking human performance to the next level, Alter uses a non-invasive cheek swab to identify 13 traits such as exercise responsiveness, stress and anxiety resilience, inflammation risk, carb, fat, and protein responsiveness, weight loss and ease of keeping weight off, mental decline risk, chronotype, motivation level and bone density risk.

After receiving a personalized report, an Alter Signal wearable is provided to gauge readiness and recovery needs and can be worn as a watch, armband or clipped to a bra. An app pulls the entire Alter experience together with personalized insights, including genetics-informed workout plans, nutrition advice, sleep reports and access to fitness and wellness coaches for one-on-one guidance.

Alter’s 50-lb mirrored device is the essential component of the experience, offering a pathway to personalized workouts, real-time heart rate tracking and AI-powered form correction. Designed to be low-profile, the fitness mirror blends into a living space when not in use. 

While Alter will recommend the ideal cardio and/or strength workout, it will also encourage “work-ins” when needed — opportunities for recovery through breathwork, yoga or sound baths.

“The science that is integrated into Alter is our superpower – we have taken the guesswork out of working out (to) give people a program that will work optimally for them,” said Scott Cohen, who co-founded Alter along with Blake Johnson. “Beyond the incredible science, we are making Alter accessible to as many people as possible through guaranteed financing and waived monthly subscription fees when they hit their goals to truly make an impact on human wellness.”

credit: Alter

Alter charges $39.99/month as a membership fee for individuals or $59.99/month for households of up to five people. As an incentive, Alter will waive the membership fee once its AlterSense plans are completed. Aside from the membership fee, the Alter system is either $99/month or a one-time payment of $2,995.

The purchase also includes an equipment pack consisting of a yoga mat, foam roller and exercise bands. Additional equipment add-ons like weights are also available.

Personalized Daily Fitness

A holistic approach to wellness is crucial for achieving and maintaining overall health, points out Lauren Sherman, Alter’s chief experience officer. With rich insights, Alter can address the unique day-to-day needs of each individual. 

“If someone gets poor sleep after a night out, for example, our coaches tailor the user’s daily fitness plan based on what their body is capable of and needs that day, so instead of strength training, we might suggest a work-in like yoga,” Sherman tells Athletech News. “This comprehensive approach – rather than solely focusing on reps completed – ensures that users receive tailored support across all aspects of their wellness journey.”

credit: Alter

Alter’s technology puts consumers in the driver’s seat of their health journey while navigating barriers in traditional care.

“When it comes to wellness, ease and accessibility continue to be paramount to consumers,” Sherman said. “By democratizing access to this personalized approach, we’re making it easier for everyone to prioritize their health and well-being, which is increasingly important in light of the rising challenges with healthcare.”

Can Alter Turn the Connected Fitness Tide?

Connected fitness mirrors haven’t had the best of luck on the market recently – Lululemon famously scrapped its mirror endeavors last year.

However, Alter’s ecosystem encompassing health data and personalized programs may cast its fitness mirror in a new light. The company’s executive team includes leaders from Nike, Under Armour, professional sports organizations and leagues, Mayo Clinic, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Stanford Sleep Lab and UCSF Human Performance Center.

Looking ahead, Sherman says the company will listen closely to feedback to enhance the Alter ecosystem.

“We’re continually adding new classes and programs and are moving into R&D – we will have some exciting updates in the coming months; stay tuned,” she said.

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