Karlina Tongotea (76KG) Sets IPF Raw Squat and Total World Records at 2024 Sheffield Championships

Of the 24 athletes (12 male and 12 female) who competed at the 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships in Sheffield, England, on Feb. 10, 2024, 14 of them broke IPF raw total world records in their respective weight classes. One of those athletes was Karlina Tongotea, the lone lifter in the 76-kilogram weight class.

Tongotea locked out a 226-kilogram squat on her second attempt to eclipse the IPF raw world record she entered the competition with by half a kilogram. Her third attempt jumped it to 230.5 kilograms en route to a new IPF raw world record total of 610.5 kilograms — 10.5 kilograms more than the world record at the start of the contest.

2024 Sheffield Championships Results — Karlina Tongotea, 76KG

Tongotea weighed in officially at 75.6 kilograms. The weights below are in kilograms:




230.5 — IPF Raw World Record

Bench Press







252.5 — IPF Raw World Record

Total — 610.5 kilograms — IPF Raw World Record

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Image via @karlina23 on Instagram

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Athletes were ranked across weight classes based on how much their total was in terms of percentage to their class’s world record. For Tongotea, that meant she was competing against her previous 600-kilogram total world record.

While Tongotea’s eight-for-nine performance was one for the record books, eclipsing her previous world record by 10.5 kilograms, scoring 101.8 percent of the raw total world record, it was only enough for seventh place overall. That’s because the six athletes ranked above her actually broke their respective total world records by higher percentages.

Tongotea’s record-breaking performance was still met with a heavy prize purse. Athletes were awarded £5,000 bonuses for any world record achieved. Since Tongotea scored two world records, she left Sheffield with £11,750.

2024 Sheffield Championships Results


Agata Sitko (69KG) — 600 Kilograms, 109.3%

Prescillia Bavoil (69KG) — 585 Kilograms, 106.6%

Carola Garra (69KG) — 582.5 Kilograms, 106.1%

Evie Corrigan (52KG) — 481 Kilograms, 103.2%

Brittany Schlater (+84KG) — 710 Kilograms, 102.4%

Sonita Kyen Muluh (+84KG) — 708 Kilograms, 102.1%

Karlina Tongotea (76KG) — 610.5 Kilograms, 101.8%

Jade Jacob (57KG) — 519.5 Kilograms, 101.4%

Natalie Richards (57KG) — 516.5 Kilograms, 100.8%

Tiffany Chapon (47KG) — 431.5 Kilograms, 100.7%

Amanda Lawrence (84KG) — 647 Kilograms, 100.3%

Noemie Allabert (52KG) — 447.5 Kilograms, 97.3%


Gustav Hedlund (93KG) — 895 Kilograms, 100.8% 

Jonathan Cayco (93KG) — 890.5 Kilograms, 100.6%

Delaney Wallace (83KG) — 842.5 Kilograms, 100.2%

Gavin Adin (93KG) — 887 Kilograms, 99.9%

Panagiotis Tarinidis (66KG) — 702.5 Kilograms, 98.9%

Timothy Monigatti (74KG) — 789.5 Kilograms, 98.7%

Carlos Petterson-Grifith (93KG) — 875 Kilograms, 98.5%

Anatolii Novopismennyi (105KG) — 925.5 Kilograms, 98.5%

Carl Johansson (74KG) — 785.5 Kilograms, 98.2%

Kyota Ushiyama (66KG) — 690 Kilograms, 97.1%

Jesus Olivares (+120KG) —1,152.5 Kilograms, 96.6%

Tony Cliffe (120KG) — 925 Kilograms, 94.5% 

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Featured image: @karlina23 on Instagram

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