NASM One Is the Ultimate Education Membership for Fitness Professionals

NASM’s all-in-one membership harnesses the power of advanced learning and practical resources to help transform careers

The fitness and wellness industry continues to grow and integrate innovative sciences and philosophies. Today’s fitness professionals, whatever their backgrounds, areas of expertise or years of experience, are looking to enhance their skills, broaden their knowledge, and effectively manage client relationships and outcomes.

In response, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) introduced NASM One, its premier membership offering that provides an extensive collection of educational resources, from a wide-ranging course library to tools that support client engagement and business efficiency. 

NASM One elevates fitness certification by creating a community aimed at improving industry standards and fostering collective growth and professional achievement. This is done not just through education, but also an ongoing commitment to supporting a successful, diverse career path that reflects the service-oriented nature of the fitness industry. 

The Rise of NASM One

NASM has more than three decades of experience in certifying fitness professionals and setting educational standards. Known for its evidence-based approach, NASM has trained over 1.5 million fitness professionals across 100+ countries, and the certifications stand out with the most respected credentials in gyms, studios, health clubs and training facilities. NASM also has direct partnerships with over 12,000 employers and organizations worldwide to help Certified Personal Trainers get a foot in the door.

This steadfast dedication to fitness and wellness forms the cornerstone of ongoing success, allowing NASM to serve fitness professionals at an enhanced level. This, in turn, benefits clients, positioning them more favorably to reach their health objectives.

Mike Fantigrassi, Senior Director, Product Development, said the vision behind NASM One is to “provide a comprehensive platform for fitness professionals to stay current with the latest trends, develop new skill sets to better support their clients, and provide them with tools to help make them more effective in building and growing their businesses.”  

A response to the growing realization that achieving and maintaining health is a multifaceted endeavor, NASM One addresses more than just the nuts and bolts of physical exercise and program design. The membership program reflects a deep understanding of nutrition, mental health and the ability to leverage technology to achieve better outcomes.

Fantigrassi emphasized the organization’s commitment to grasping the real-world needs of certified personal trainers and to providing continuous solutions that surpass expectations.

“NASM One brings together multiple tools and exclusive resources to support fitness professionals’ personal development, professional growth and career longevity,” said Fantigrassi. “At launch, NASM One features over 300 continuing education courses, four career education courses, guides on how-to and trending topics, the EDGE app, member discounts, CPR/AED certification, and unlimited access to NASM fitness experts.”

Mike Fantigrassi (credit: NASM)

Priced at $35 per month with a 12-month commitment, this program is crafted to ensure that fitness professionals have the tools and resources to thrive in a competitive field.

Courses for the Modern Fit Pro

Career advancement in the fitness and wellness industry often hinges on one’s ability to stay ahead of the curve, embracing new methodologies and technologies. This is especially true in today’s era, where areas like holistic wellness, recovery and nutrition are becoming integrated with pure fitness offerings. 

When it comes to ensuring the quality and relevance of 300+ courses, Fantigrassi underscored NASM’s use of a “rigorous, evidence-based approach to curriculum development” that draws on the latest scientific research and industry trends and shows a commitment to the broader fitness and wellness community.

“Our courses are regularly reviewed and updated by a dedicated team of industry and subject matter experts and educators to ensure they meet the highest standards of educational excellence and practical applicability,” Fantigrassi said. “We have a team of product managers who regularly review the latest trends and reports, attend industry events, and speak to our customers and our extensive network of subject matter experts. In addition, we have a scientific advisory board and strategic advisory committee that we meet with regularly to stay informed.”

This dedication to ongoing education is a cornerstone of NASM’s philosophy, reflecting the importance of continuous learning in maintaining the highest standards of professional competency. It also ensures that the information is current and relevant.

Fantigrassi adds that, in 2024, NASM will be adding 50 more continuing education courses, “along with dozens of new guides and evidence-based reviews to give members new content every month.” 

Empowering the Fitness & Wellness Community

NASM One provides an advantage by offering its members access to Edge Trainer Pro, the premium level of NASM’s business and client management suite, along with specialized courses covering essential topics such as business basics, virtual coaching, social media influencing and home gym design, subjects that are unique to today’s personal trainer.

“Combined, this provides an extensive collection of complementary tools and resources that will allow a fitness professional to expand and/or deepen their knowledge base, develop new specialties, work with a more diverse client population, train and coach clients remotely/virtually, and get the best discounts on partner products,” Fantigrassi said.

The NASM team has an ongoing, robust content development schedule that supports the demand for continuing education. Fantigrassi noted that NASM EDGE, a comprehensive app for personal trainers, is regularly updated and features more than 1,000 exercises; the ability to rename and personalize exercises; the ability to schedule and manage training sessions; a built-in chat; payment collection; nutrition tools, and more.

Member feedback is the backbone of the program’s success and is gathered in several ways. Fantigrassi said that NASM uses the information to refine its approach and that, based on early feedback, they’ve already begun developing new features and content that will be introduced throughout 2024. 

Career Transformation & Longevity

An additional benefit of choosing NASM One, particularly for those at the start of their careers, is a 50% discount on NASM and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) courses.

“The discount not only makes our top-tier educational offerings more accessible, but also encourages continuous learning and skill development, which are crucial for gaining a competitive edge and achieving long-term success,” said Fantigrassi.

A progressive path to success as a fitness professional requires a commitment to staying up to date with current exercise science research and societal shifts.  NASM One addresses this need by providing access to rich educational resources. This platform is not just about enhancing knowledge; it’s about transforming how fitness professionals engage with their clients, manage their businesses, and position themselves as leaders in their field.

“We have big plans for NASM One in 2024 and are excited to share these updates with our members as they develop,” Fantigrassi said. 

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