The Women’s 57KG World Record Battle at the 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships

The 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships fielded two lifters from the Women’s 57KG class who went head-to-head at the 2023 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic World Championships (CWC) in Malta: Natalie Richards and Jade Jacob. It was a close run between them in Malta, and the 2024 Sheffield was no different.

2024 Sheffield Championships Roster – Women’s 57KG class

Natalie Richards (USA) — 2023 World Champion

Jade Jacob (France) — 2023 Worlds silver medallist, 2021 Junior World Champion

Richards was victorious at the 2023 CWC, but Jacob was close behind. Both athletes have shown significant improvements in training, and their clash at the 2024 Sheffield was widely anticipated to be an exciting fight.

Sheffield has a format focused on IPF world records. The overall top prize went to the athlete who broke the total world record in their class by the highest proportion. Additionally, £5,000 bonuses were offered for each world record broken in the squatbench pressdeadlift, or total.


The IPF raw squat world record in the 57-kilogram class coming into the competition was 185.5 kilograms, set by UK athlete Bobbie Butters at the 2022 European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic in Poland.

It was clear from the speed of Jacob’s first squat that she made great progress in training. She took the raw world record in the second round, locking out 186 kilograms. However, it didn’t stand long as Richards exceeded it by half a kilogram on Richard’s final attempt.

Jacob’s third squat was 188 kilograms. It slowed noticeably halfway through the ascent, but Jacob kept her position beautifully. The lift was successful, and Jacob reclaimed the world record, securing a £5,000 bonus. 

Bench Press

Richards nailed all three of her bench presses, hitting a personal best of 110 kilograms on her third attempt. Jacob attempted a personal best on her third bench press, but it wasn’t there, leaving Jacob with 100 kilograms as her top bench press.

Richards led with 296.5 kilograms, 8.5 kilograms ahead of Jacob entering the deadlifts.


Jacob held the deadlift world record at 231 kilograms coming into the competition. Richards held the total record at 512.5 kilograms. Both records seemed in jeopardy as both athletes were on their A-game.

Jacob opened aggressively with a 215-kilogram deadlift; incredible for a 57-kilogram lifter, and took the lead.

In the second round, Richards extended her total world record by four kilograms (nine pounds) with a comfortable 220-kilogram pull. Jacob responded with a fast 227.5-kilogram deadlift but was still a kilogram behind Richards.

With the competition so close, everything depended on the final lift. Richards was out first, attempting 230 kilograms, five kilograms more than she had ever attempted before in competition. It moved smoothly from the platform, but her grip failed at the top, and the barbell sprang from her grasp.

Reacting to Richards’ missed attempt, Jacob dropped her planned 236.5-kilogram attempt for 231.5 kilograms. It was fast, if a bit untidy, and Jacob made bank with one pull — £10,000 for the deadlift and total world records.

Check out Jacob’s meet recap below, courtesy of her Instagram page:

Despite the plethora of world records, these amazing performances warranted eighth and ninth place overall. The Sheffield brings together the top IPF raw lifters in the world. There were a number of historic performances, including 11 of 12 female athletes exceeding their respective weight category’s raw total world records.

2024 Sheffield Championships — Women’s Results

Agata Sitko (69KG): 600KG, 109.3%

Prescillia Bavoil (69KG): 585KG, 106.6%

Carola Garra (69KG): 582.5KG, 106.1%

Evie Corrigan (52KG): 481KG, 103.2%

Brittany Schlater (84+KG): 710KG, 102.4%

Sonita Kyen Muluh (84+KG): 708KG, 102.1%

Karlina Tongotea (76KG): 610.5KG, 101.8%

Jade Jacob (57KG): 519.5KG, 101.4%

Natalie Richards (57KG): 516.5KG, 100.8%

Tiffany Chapon (47KG): 431.5KG, 100.7%

Amanda Lawrence (84KG): 647KG, 100.3%

Noémie Allabert (52KG): 447.5KG, 97.3%

The score for Richards and Jacob is now at one all. They will meet again at the 2024 IPF CWC in Druskininkai, Lithuania, for the decider.

Featured image: @nat_lifting and @jade.jacobb on Instagram

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