From Trainer to Owner: How Burn Boot Camp Breeds Franchise Success

Never losing sight of the power of connection, Billy Haynes empowers communities with Burn Boot Camp

Billy Haynes knows what it means to accomplish a complete transformation, having shed 50 pounds and going from lead trainer to multi-unit Burn Boot Camp franchise partner.

His positive attitude and growth mindset set him up for success, leading him to own Burn Boot Camp locations in Carrollwood, Florida, Pineville, North Carolina, and Denver, North Carolina, the latter of which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. 

Haynes’ Burn Boot Camp journey started after meeting founders and husband-and-wife team Devan and Morgan Kline through mutual friends. First offered a trainer position in 2014, it was only one year later when Burn Boot Camp began to franchise. Haynes was then given the life-changing opportunity to buy the gym, transforming from lead trainer to franchise partner.

“That decision was easy,” Haynes said, reflecting on the offer. “I loved the members, and I just wanted to continue to impact the community at Denver in a really positive way for health and fitness. That’s why I was a trainer in the first place and so when the opportunity came to own it, it was just the next step.”

Billy Haynes (credit: Burn Boot Camp)

More Than Just Fitness

Passionate about fitness, Haynes had seen lives transformed by Burn Boot Camp with its results-driven, 45-minute workout sessions in weekly protocols consisting of alternating strength and conditioning days. 

Burn Boot Camp workouts feature an active and dynamic warm-up, a core workout scalable to all fitness levels, and a strong finisher at the close of the session. Throughout the 45 minutes and despite it being a group setting, a dedicated Burn Boot Camp trainer ensures a personal training experience. 

In a nod to its devoted fitness community, each camp ends with “two claps on two,” representing the hard work everyone endured together to hit their fitness goals. Since workouts vary, Burn Boot Camp members constantly challenge different areas of their body, which is meant to ward off plateaus.  

Despite his pivot from lead trainer to franchise partner, Haynes has never lost sight of his desire to help others and encourage those in his orbit to do the same.

“Wherever I have gyms, I just want to give back through health and fitness,” he said. “That’s my passion. I also want to create opportunities for my team to do meaningful, purposeful work that they can be proud of. That’s what attracted me to being a trainer — that’s what got me into it in the first place.”

credit: Kasey Loftin Photography

With community being a core component of Burn Boot Camp, Haynes has seen people become not only fit and healthy, but connected to others.

“It’s fun to see the lifelong friendships that are created from total strangers,” Haynes shared. “You’re working out at 8 a.m. with the same women every day, and connections develop. So those lifelong friendships are really amazing to see.”

He’s also seen Burn Boot Camp communities rally around members during times of need. The franchise has positively impacted young children as well, leading PE classes at local elementary schools.

“The communities are incredible,” he added. 

The (Many) Benefits of Fitness Franchising

Reminiscing on his eight years as a franchise partner and helping countless people on their journey to health and wellness has been enriching, but Haynes notes his top highlight: meeting his wife, whom he met through Burn Boot Camp. 

“Nothing after that would have been possible,” he said.

With franchising providing a proven “business in a box” option for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs, Haynes has simple yet powerful words of wisdom for those looking to enter the fitness franchise industry: “Support your members. Whether you have 100 members or 500 members — just pour into those people, they’ll take care of you.”

While modest, Haynes is immensely proud of the previous decade, which motivates him to continue serving the communities of his gyms and become an even better franchise partner.

“For any business to be open for over ten years is a massive achievement. For a gym to be open for over ten years is even more improbable, so for people to show up every day in support is really all the gratification that we need,” Haynes said.

Burn Boot Camp has opened over 390 locations, with franchisees offered multiple revenue streams including activewear, nutrition and digital memberships. Looking ahead, Burn Boot Camp projects 10,000 global units by 2033.

The group fitness concept recently ranked on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list as one of the leading fitness franchises. 

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