2024 HYROX Icheon Results — Heck, Cheung Win

The 2024 HYROX Icheon was a Pro division race in South Korea that featured Indiviual and Doubles races for both male and female athletes. The HYROX Pro men’s race saw Gabe Heck of the USA lock in one of only two sub-60-minute times to stand atop the podium.

Claire Cheung of Hong Kong claimed gold in the HYROX Pro Women’s race — one of two female competitors from Hong Kong to reach the podium. The other was runner-up Claudia Law.

The Pro Doubles divisions culminated with gold medals awarded to Byungseok Song and Beomseok Hong on the men’s side and Hyemoon Park and Marisol Chae on the women’s side.

2024 HYROX Icheon Results

Below are the results for each of the four contested HYROX Pro divisions in South Korea:


Gabe Heck — 58:50

Daniel Payne — 59:13

Tanguy Cruz — 1:01:20

Rayda Kezaz — 1:04:15

Christoph Lex — 1:04:17

Daisuke Sekiyoshi — 1:06:30

Brent Bozarth — 1:07:54

Romain Chevalier — 1:08:07

Snowy Snowden — 1:08:52

David Markham — 1:09:14

HYROX Pro Women

Claire Cheung — 1:15:09

Claudia Law — 1:19:50

Hayan Seo — 1:21:18

Yubin Park — 1:23:40

Yurany Romero Diaz — 1:28:12

Garam Lee — 1:29:17

Jinhee Pyo — 1:30:36

Guin Joyce Ballard — 1:30:51

Qian Qin Zhu — 1:34:49

Hyerin Jeong — 1:40:24

HYROX Pro Doubles Men

Byungseok Song & Beomseok Hong — 57:44

Sangwoo Jeong & Youngbin Kim — 1:05:55

Bae Haram & Marco Si — 1:06:12

Mingyu Lee & Kitae Nam — 1:08:14

Stephane Istel & Daniel De Sanctis — 1:09:50

Rafal Rogowski & Michael Zalewski — 1:10:04

Dongha Lee & Sinwoong Lee — 1:10:54

Ji Hun Ryu & Chang Mo Jeong — 1:11:30

Geonho Jin & Sangjun Lee — 1:13:03

Youngmin Park & 유석 정 — 1:13:48

HYROX Pro Doubles Women

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Byungseok Song and Beomseok Hong put on an absolutely dominant performance in the HYROX Pro Doubles in the men’s division. Not only were they they only duo to score a sub-60-minute time, but they finished over eight minutes ahead of the runner-up team, Sangwoo Jeong andYoungbin Kim.

Byungseok Song and Beomseok Hong’s time was not fast enough to crack the top 25 scores all-time, but was a stellar run nonetheless.

The next HYROX race on the official schedule is the 2024 HYROX Katowice and the 2024 HYROX Miami on Feb. 24, 2024. The next contest to feature HYROX’s Elite 15 division — the 15 male and 15 female athletes with the 15 best race times in the sport — is the 2024 HYROX US Championships on March 7, 2024, in Washington.

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