Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Tops 100 Open Studios, Plans More

On the heels of a record 2023, the IV therapy franchise looks to open an additional 97 spas this year

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness has experienced a 120% year-over-year rate of growth for its rapidly growing IV therapy franchise — a hot sector as consumers look for non-invasive methods to support their wellness goals.

The IV therapy brand says 2023 was its most significant to date, successfully ending the year with 108 open spas and nearly 245 sold in just its third year of franchising. In the last year alone, Prime IV Hydration and Wellness opened 59 spas, representing a 120% YOY growth rate for the franchise and an increase from the 113% growth Prime IV posted in 2022. 

Driving its development is the growing awareness of intravenous wellness methods and the demand for them in markets nationwide, notes the IV therapy brand. Looking ahead, Prive IV is planning to open an additional 97 spas this year, eyeing 750 franchise locations by the end of 2027.

“Educating communities on the efficacy of IV therapy has often seemed like an uphill battle,” said Prime IV founder and CEO Amy Neary, who founded the brand in 2017. “It’s not easy leading the charge and driving acceptance for a holistic health alternative most people don’t know exists. But to see how far the brand has come, how quickly we’ve gotten here, to have opened our 100th location after just three years, it makes me confident that the narrative is changing drastically.”

credit: Prime IV Hydration & Wellness

In addition to its growth, the wellness franchise secured the top spot in the IV therapy category on Entrepreneur’s 2024 Franchise 500 list and was named a Top Franchise for 2024 by Franchise Business Review.

“The feats of accomplishment we came by this past year exceeded anything we could have expected, especially being a relatively new concept in the field,” Neary added. “But now, our team is buzzing with anticipation, looking ahead at the milestones, new territories and systemwide developments we plan to see in 2024.”

A Stream of Vitamins…& Revenue

IV therapy certainly has become an intriguing modality for wellness newcomers and has led to a surge in franchise growth and even cross-partnerships.

LondonCryo, a London-based wellness clinic, partnered with Reviv Global last year to integrate IV drip therapies into its whole-body cryotherapy offerings. Clients can select from customized therapies for advanced athletic performance, recovery, or physical and mental wellness. 

Restore Hyper Wellness, a boutique wellness franchise with over 225 locations, recently launched a new personalized weight management program that combines medication like Ozempic and Wegovy with its signature therapeutic approach to wellness and health — such as IV drip therapy. The wellness franchise plans to open 500 locations in the next five years. 

iCryo is also making a name for itself as the recovery and wellness brand expects 2024 to be its biggest growth year yet as it enters the European market. In addition to cryotherapy and red light therapy, the brand offers an expansive menu of IV infusion services for immunity, hydration, overall health, anti-aging, brain health and metabolism. 

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