The Shaw Classic’s 2024 Strongest Man On Earth Events Announced

The 2024 Shaw Classic will occur on Aug. 16-18, 2024, in Loveland, CO. The expo’s namesake and promoter, four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Brian Shaw, took to his YouTube channel on Feb. 20, 2024, to share the events for the men’s pro competition — the 2024 Strongest Man on Earth (SMOE).

2024 Strongest Man on Earth Events

Max Raw Deadlift

Overhead MedleyLog Lift and Axle Press

Power Medley — will feature grip and movement

Manhood Stones

Circus Dumbbell Overhead Medley — head-to-head format

Keg Toss


Fingal’s Fingers Into Power Stairs Medley — head-to-head format

Editor’s note: The Shaw Classic is the entire weekend that features the SMOE contest, the expo, and the Open division strongman and strongwoman competitions. The SMOE refers only to the men’s pro division competition.

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Max Raw Deadlift

The addition of a max raw deadlift event is unique in the sport of strongman. Most elite strongman competitions that feature a max deadlift event are performed by athletes wearing lifting suits, which is considered “equipped.” A raw deadlift does not allow athletes to wear lifting suits, though a weightlifting belt is still legal.

Unlike in competitive powerlifting, where lifting straps are not legal in raw competition, lifting straps will be legal in the raw deadlift event at the 2024 SMOE but they cannot be figure eight straps. Athletes can use straps that wrap around the deadlift bar, but not figure eights that loop around the barbell and the wrists.

This is something I’ve wanted to see done in strongman for a long time.

There will not be preset weights for this event. Each athlete will be allowed to call the weights they want on the barbell to establish their max lift.

Since this will be the opening event of the 2024 SMOE, the Hummer Tire Deadlift that has been a feature at the Shaw Classic since its inception will not be featured in 2024.

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Manhood Stones

Rather than the Atlas Stones, which challenge athletes to load stones of ascending weight onto designated pedestals in the fastest time possible, the Manhood Stones event is based on weight lifted.

Each athlete will choose which stone they want to lift and a single lift with a heavier stone will outrank any number of reps with any number of lighter stones. The heaviest stone will be 600 pounds. For reference, the current Atlas Stone world record is 630 pounds, achieved by two-time WSM champion Tom Stoltman.

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