Apple Secures Hydration Patent, Smart Ring Rumors Heat Up

As the tech giant continues to invest in the wearables space, these rumored innovations could forever change health and wellness

As Apple continues to push into the health and wellness space, new intellectual property filings and reports speculate that the tech giant might be moving into the hydration-tracking and smart ring markets.

The hydration-tracking feature could continue to improve on the already-beloved Apple Watch, and the smart ring could disrupt that growing space currently dominated by Oura.

Apple recently filed a patent for a “wearable device with perspiration measuring capabilities” for its Apple Watches. The solution would be non-invasive and could measure perspiration, skin temperature and more to help consumers optimize hydration.

If successfully implemented, the innovation could also displace offerings that focus solely on hydration measurement, like Nix and Flowbio, which work through skin patches. Apple is also reportedly developing a noninvasive glucose-monitoring solution, reformulating its problematic SpO2 sensor, and working on a much-anticipated AI health coach

Is an Apple Ring in the Works?

At least one industry insider also claims that Apple is working on a smart ring offering. Samsung recently teased its Galaxy Ring at its Unpacked event in January, and Apple could be following suit.

The California tech company has filed several patents over the years that hint at their smart ring’s advanced development stages. The intellectual property suggests that Apple’s ring could have features like biosensors and the ability to control the Apple Vision Pro headset. A patent in 2015 shows the device as having an accelerometer and gyroscope.

The potential introduction of the Apple Ring aligns with growing interest in the smart ring sector, which is expected to reach $200 million by 2031.

However, many of Apple’s patents are several years to a decade old, demonstrating that the company’s explorations of the smart ring space might not come to fruition. Skepticism also remains due to a lack of credible information about the leak generally associated with imminent Apple product launches. 

Despite the tentative and speculative nature of some of the tech company’s plans, one thing is certain: Apple remains committed to health and wellness innovation and has plans in the works to continue improving on its wearables. 

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