CEO Corner: Tamara Galinsky, JetSet Pilates Set Sights on Global Expansion

JetSet’s reformer Pilates classes are a staple in the South Florida boutique fitness scene. Now, the brand is looking to expand via franchising

Sometimes it makes sense to live by the old adage that if you want something done right, it’s best to do it yourself. 

Tamara Galinsky founded JetSet Pilates back in 2010 after she moved to Miami and struggled to find a reformer Pilates concept with the right mix of community, music and aesthetics. 

While opening a Pilates studio was a leap of faith at the time – the modality wasn’t nearly as popular fourteen years ago as it is today – Galinsky’s decision proved fruitful. JetSet’s 50-minute reformer Pilates classes have become a staple in the South Florida boutique fitness scene, and the brand recently set its sights on nationwide and international expansion.

Since launching its franchise arm in 2022, JetSet has signed development agreements to open multiple locations in states including New York, North Carolina and Texas as well as overseas in Melbourne, Australia. JetSet is eyeing 600 franchised studios as it continues to grow.

Galinsky spoke with Athletech News about her journey in creating JetSet Pilates, why she believes the reformer Pilates market is just getting started, and how aspiring founders can write their own boutique fitness success story.

The following conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Athletech News: Can you tell us about your background and why you decided to create JetSet Pilates? 

Tamara Galinsky: Immigrating from the former Soviet Union when I was 15 years old, my family and I arrived in the U.S. with humble beginnings. I graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and embarked on my career journey in New York City, initially working in technology marketing and sales for Reuters. However, I always wanted more freedom and independence from corporate work life. I left that path to start a successful career in commercial real estate, first in New York and after getting married, in London, both with Cushman & Wakefield.   

My Pilates journey coincided with my time in London, where I discovered reformer Pilates after struggling with fitness after giving birth to my first daughter in 2007. Through Pilates, I not only shed postpartum weight but also progressed to the absolute best shape of my life. 

Upon relocating to Miami from London in 2009, I sought Pilates studios offering more than just classes—a vibrant community, curated music and beautiful studios at affordable prices. I failed to find what I wanted, and I took a leap of faith to start JetSet Pilates. At the time I lived in a luxury high rise on South Beach, and I recall how my friends were trying to talk me out of opening my first studio because our building had a big gym and they said it was not needed. I decided to do it anyway, and just six months after moving from London to Miami, I signed my first lease and launched JetSet in 2010. That studio is still here today and thriving. 

ATN: What has JetSet’s growth been like since 2010, and what are your plans for the future? 

TG: Our growth has been remarkable. What began as a single studio has burgeoned into five corporate locations, with 29 franchised locations in development and poised to expand to over 600 franchised studios domestically. This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

credit: JetSet Pilates

ATN: What’s been the secret to JetSet’s initial success and recent growth?

TG: In the creation of brands, there’s never just one secret ingredient; instead, it’s a combination of various elements that resonate with customers. This is what makes JetSet special. Our classes are tailored to our method, our music is crafted exclusively for our classes, (we use) only the best-of-the-best JetSet certified instructors who are aligned with the brand values and culture, and our studios are designed to provide an immersive experience unlike any other. Each session at JetSet is not just a pilates class; it’s a meticulously curated journey. 

What sets our workout apart is the seamless flow, guiding you effortlessly through a wide variety of exercises that efficiently challenge your muscles and make the time float by. Our dynamic 50-minute workout isn’t just about effectiveness – it’s an elevated experience. Every class will incorporate movements in at least two of the three planes of movement, preventing injury and sculpting a more functional body. We teach in a way that allows you to maintain muscular tension, offering multiple options for each exercise to make the workout more personalized to you and accessible to all ages and fitness levels. 

credit: JetSet Pilates

ATN: Pilates has become a highly crowded space. How do you ensure JetSet continues to stand out from its competitors?

TG: Pilates may seem like a crowded space, however, I see a renaissance and reinvention of reformer Pilates as a modern method that attracts so many and not just an elite few. Reformer Pilates is still in the early stages of its growth phase within the market. Experts forecast the Pilates market to reach $277 billion by 2028, which is huge growth from 2022 when the market size was around $150 billion.

Frequently, I hear a recurring theme from both our potential and current franchisees: they’re drawn to our luxury branding, next-level instructors, and our vibrant sense of community. Our clean and modern studio design blends with JetSet sleek reformers, while all of our staff are connected with clients not just inside the studios, but also in the community. Our instructors are trained to let our classes flow in a unique way you will not find today at other Pilates studios. I firmly believe that we possess all the essential elements to emerge as the premier modern reformer Pilates brand, both nationally and internationally. 

ATN: JetSet has seen a lot of interest since launching its franchise model. Why did you decide to start franchising? 

TG: I recognized that JetSet possessed a really robust business model with strong unit economics, a strong brand and a high demand for our offerings nationwide. While I wanted to franchise early on, I was unwilling to do so on a shoestring budget. My vision was to assemble the most exceptional team in the industry, and that required time. Today, I can confidently affirm that our franchising team possesses a level of expertise that few, if any, emerging brands can boast at this stage. 

While the transient nature of Miami’s population poses challenges for many businesses throughout the year, it became a catalyst for JetSet’s expansion. The pandemic and influx of people from all over the U.S. from 2020 to 2022 provided the final spark. This migration not only allowed us to thrive locally but also propelled us toward establishing a formidable presence in the domestic and international franchising arena as clients wanted to take JetSet home with them. With so many visiting Miami and loving our studios, we knew we were on the right path. 

This conviction was affirmed by the dedication of our first franchisee, who traveled an hour each way from Fort Lauderdale, to attend our studios daily, bypassing other Pilates studios along the route. Despite the distance, she remained committed for a year until we were ready to launch our franchise program, at which point she promptly signed up. Today, that studio is one of the most profitable in our network, with record-breaking revenue in just a few months of operation.

credit: JetSet Pilates

ATN: What advice do you have for founders looking to find success in the boutique fitness space?

TG: First, their offering should align with their strengths and passions. Second, success in the business world is often more about execution than the initial idea. Meticulous planning, strategic implementation, and attention to detail can transform a concept into a thriving reality. Moreover, perseverance is an invaluable skill set for founders navigating the challenges of the fitness industry. The ability to weather setbacks, adapt to evolving market trends, and maintain a steadfast commitment to the vision is what separates the thriving from the struggling. 

Lastly, fostering a strong sense of community is crucial. Beyond providing a workout, I have aimed to cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for the team, clients, and community as a whole. Building a community around shared goals creates a unique proposition that goes beyond the workout itself. Our franchise partners recognize this even from their initial inquiry with JetSet Pilates.

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