Chris Bumstead and Hadi Choopan Train Back with Coach Hany Rambod

With the 2024 Arnold Classic on March 1-3, 2024, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH, 2023 Mr. Olympia silver medalist Hadi Choopan aims to kick off 2024 with a strong performance. Should he dethrone reigning Arnold Classic champion Samson Dauda in Columbus, Choopan will enter to the 2024 Olympia as the number one contender to reigning Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford.

To prepare for the challenge, Choopan teamed up with five-time reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead to train back under the guidance of coach Hany Rambod. Feb. 19, 2024, Rambod published the Olympia champions’ workout on his YouTube channel, which comprised the following:

Bumstead’s & Choopan’s Back Workout 

Below is a breakdown of the Olympia duo’s back workout

Machine Pulldowns

Machine Seated Rows

Machine Bent-Over Rows

Machine Chest-Supported Rows

Straight-Arm Cable Pulldowns

Cable Face Pulls

Machine Reverse Flyes

Dumbbell Reverse Flyes

Watch Bumstead and “The Persian Wolf” train back below: 

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Machine Pulldowns & Seated Rows

In the first exercise, Choopan and Bumstead extended through the pulldown machine fully, briefly pausing at peak lat contraction before controlling the load back to the starting position. Choopan didn’t achieve the same range of motion as Bumstead; Choopan instead leaned forward, rounded his scapula, and pushes his lats forward before the pull. 

Conversely, Bumstead maintained an upright torso and braced through a more extensive range of motion. Both athletes used a neutral grip, though Choopan incorporated an overhand grip for one set of paused reps. Rambod stressed using overhand and underground grips during back training:

Use both overhand and underhand grips. Don’t try to stick to only one. Make sure you’re hitting the muscles at different angles.

Rambod suggested supplementing with a V-bar attachment when performing rows targeted at the mid back.

Bent-Over & Chest-Supported Rows

Bumstead and Choopan employed underhand grips during their bent-over rows, activating their upper backs and biceps. Bumstead assumed a 45-degree bent-over position; Choopan’s tilt featured more hip flexion.

Hoopan performed a neutral grip set, keeping his hips stable and arching his shoulders and lats (i.e., moved into extension during the concentrics). Bumstead’s grip was a hybrid of neutral and overhand, though he biased the latter.

Rambod told Bumstead to “keep the core tight and pull.” As the two Olympia champions flirted with failure when their ranges of motion shortened, they removed a weight plate from each side and repped through drop sets

Straight-Arm Pulldowns

Using handle attachments for straight-arm cable pulldowns to isolate the lats, Rambod instructed Bumstead to perform partial reps to failure:

When doing straight-arm pulldowns, the key is nice and slow eccentrics…do not let the weight carry you forward.

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Face Pulls, Reverse Flyes, & Dumbbell Reverse Flyes/Rows

To close the session, Bumstead and Choopan hit rear delts. For a comprehensive exercise targeting the lower trapsrhomboids, and rear delts, Rambod instructed the Olympia champions to bend their elbows, combining bent-over dumbbell lateral raises and rows. The athletes utilized a spider bench for enhanced support.

Bumstead has been deloading, performing one workout weekly prior to his session with Choopan and Rambod. In contrast, Choopan continued the session, hitting abs and incorporating cardio, continuing his Arnold prep.

Featured image: @hadi_choopan on Instagram

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