Eleiko Reimagines Strength Training With Prestera

Customizable and adaptable to a variety of floor plans, Eleiko’s Prestera system is designed for the specific needs of commercial facilities

The words “organization” and “efficiency” usually don’t come to mind when strength training is mentioned, but Eleiko cares not for the status quo. The Sweden-based strength equipment company is flipping the script with its Prestera system — a series of racks, rigs, and cables emphasizing precision, adaptability and, of course, strength.

The equipment is almost fully customizable both in terms of stylistic preferences upon ordering and adjusting it down the road. This keen attention to detail in its manufacturing and its ability to meet a variety of needs help separate Prestera from the pack amidst a booming strength training industry.


Having supplied the World Championships and Olympic Games for years, Eleiko knows the weightlifting game well and maintains a “lifter first” mentality. Those principles allowed them to dig deep in creating this cutting-edge equipment system, adding unique elements such as gliding attachments, rubber rollers and stainless-steel uprights with precision height adjustments.

“We come from a background and a heritage in professional weightlifting and powerlifting, where precision is really important for helping the athletes to achieve their goals,” says Eleiko CEO Erik Blomberg. “We brought that into the commercial fitness space as well and we do see that people really appreciate details, quality, the touch and the feel of the interaction points with the equipment.”

Erik Blomberg (credit: Eleiko)

Blomberg added that more than one thousand world records have been broken with an Eleiko barbell. But while the company still sticks to its roots in some regard by maintaining a focus on professional sports, the popularity of commercial fitness warrants much of their attention, leading to the creation of the Prestera system. 

The equipment also features 70×70 uprights, a frame size that optimizes the user experience, offering more space inside the frame when bench pressing and additional clearance outside the rack for less interference when racking and unracking the barbell. This design represents the backbone of Eleiko’s commitment to avoid bulkiness of any kind in strength training. The company consulted with plastic experts as well to develop materials such as its polyurethane rollers and pads which possess self-healing properties to support barbell interaction points. 

credit: Eleiko

The Prestera system comes in different colors as well, with knurled interaction points, chamfered edges on its holes, all while built with a mix of steel and stainless steel. Its cables, the newest edition to the system, also feature 8 pulleys, either single or dual configuration. Generous cable length and a large selection of handles also ensure a smooth and safe workout experience.


But aside from the equipment’s individual features, its overall versatility is what makes it a game changer. The equipment is built on a modular system, granting users the ability to tailor training with attachments and giving facilities the ability to adapt equipment as needs evolve. This could include, adding lifting stations, reconfiguring the set-up, integrating storage, adding different training attachments and more to suit needs.

“This is a system where you can basically adapt very freely to the space that you’re fitting out, or the needs of the user,” said Blomberg. “You can create and design a solution where you can bring in a lot of different types of training into one space — free weights training, bodyweight training, and cables training.” 

credit: Eleiko

The Prestera system’s flexibility also allows users to optimize their gym space to the max. Custom storage options can be integrated easily, keeping free weights and training accessories close at hand and training spaces tidy. This makes it a possible decongestant for any crowded gym. 

“What I think is unique and really the strength of this system is that it’s so versatile,” said Blomberg. “You can work with the whole room and the space, making sure that you can get the best solution for your specific needs.” 

It also opens the door for users to experiment with new workout methods via the added space or variation of equipment setup options. This benefits gym goers from a fitness standpoint along with gym owners from a monetary standpoint. 

“Space efficiency equals money,” noted Blomberg. “You can get more out of the rent that you pay for a facility when you use space more efficiently and offer more training possibilities. But I think it goes to more than that. It also goes to the user experience because people seek efficiency in their own training when they go to a facility. So, if you can structure and order your place in the most efficient way, you will also improve the customer experience. That in turn will also drive both membership growth and retention.”

Hundreds of facilities have installed Prestera, including Virgin Active, Life Time and STC gyms. While Blomberg noted that Eleiko does not intend to expand beyond the strength training side of the industry, the company does plan to expand within that area after moving past this first stage of distribution and education regarding its products. 

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