Product of the Week: Pliability Is a Robust App for Mobility & Flexibility

From athletes to desk job workers, Pliability aims to spread the benefits of flexibility and mobility to anyone with a smartphone
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Founded by Scott Perkins in 2015, Pliability is a mobility app that originally focused on CrossFitters but has since expanded to many other disciplines. Today, it’s a leading stretching app that targets different focus areas, from improving performance to reducing pain.

With targeted routines for runners, golfers, desk job workers and more, Pliability wants to spread flexibility and mobility to all. 

Athletech News put the Pliability app to the test to see if it can deliver on its mission.


For too long, many athletes have taken pride in failing to stretch properly after workouts. Pliability is committed to the importance of mobility and recovery to combat such harmful behaviors.

The app makes stretching easy and fun: it is well-designed and organized, broken down by sport, body part and concern. Users can even select workout moves they want to improve upon, like a deadlift or pull-up, and find customized routines for such goals. The app’s “Quick Sessions” can be fifteen minutes or less, but some routines are closer to an hour. 

Many of the routines seemed best for before bed. Poses were held for several minutes and the background music seemed fitting for a spa or meditation routine. Users can also get more information from the app about the proper form of each pose, which might be particularly helpful for those new to stretching. For users with short attention spans, or who might want to scroll through e-mails or social media during longer poses, the videos work with iOS’ picture-in-picture feature. 

credit: Pliability

One of the app’s newest releases, Workforce, is directed towards those who work desk jobs. The routines are focused on the muscle groups most impacted by long hours sitting at a desk, such as the lower and upper back, wrists, and knees.

One of the app’s best features is its mobility test. Users follow guided movements as the app measures their flexibility and “problem” areas. I was shocked by the accuracy of the pain points the app highlighted after just a few minutes of viewing my performing basic movements. Pliability also connects with Apple Watch and Whoop for data tracking. 

The accompanying Pliability mat is also one of the most cushioned workout mats I’ve ever experienced. It’s easy to clean and thick enough that long stretches aren’t painful, even after putting pressure on the knees or wrists. The app requires no equipment other than a comfortable mat, so the routines are great for those on the go. 


The app is $17.95 per month or $179 for the year. While that price might be worth it for those committed to improving their mobility and flexibility, those who are not sure about their need for such extensive stretching routines might hesitate to pay that amount. The Pliability mat is also expensive at $139. A thick yoga mat might prove enough for those without increased cushion needs due to pain or injury. It is also fairly bulky, and therefore not very portable for workouts outside of the home. 

The voiceover didn’t dictate very clearly, so I found myself looking at the videos more often for instructions and cues during transitions. This lack of enunciation also sometimes took me out of the mindset of the relaxing routines. Lastly, an additional feature of music customization could be good for users who want to perform the workouts in the middle of the day and not get too tired. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Pliability is a great tool for those looking to improve their flexibility and mobility, and willing to set aside dedicated relaxation and mindfulness time each day.

Although it’s not cheap, for those committed to reducing pain and improving their recovery, Pliability could have long-term fitness and wellness benefits.

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