Precor Taps BeaverFit for New Functional Strength Line

The partnership comes as strength training grows in popularity, with functional spaces becoming increasingly common in gyms

Precor is launching an upcoming functional strength training equipment line powered by BeaverFit, a fitness equipment supplier that serves the U.S. and NATO militaries, boutique studios and fitness entrepreneurs, and is the original creator of the container gym. 

The Washington-based Precor’s functional strength training line will introduce several products with BeaverFit’s space-saving design elements, such as integrated storage, while offering functional exercise zones that allow other strength areas to remain open for primary lifting movements.

The upcoming functional training line offers six options available with or without accessory packages: a Fitness Single Bay with the essentials for commercial facilities, a complete functional training Double Bay for high-traffic commercial facilities, a Hospitality Double Bay and Single Bay for limited fitness spaces, a Functional Post offering a single station powerhouse and a Functional Bridge for 360-degree training for solo or small group workouts. 

“BeaverFit’s extensive experience in developing purpose-built, functional training equipment that withstands the toughest environments, combined with their expertise in premium design and manufacturing, made them a perfect fit for Precor,” said Adam Hubbard, Precor director of product and marketing. “

Precor’s new products will be introduced this spring throughout the U.S. and internationally in select countries. The new functional strength line boasts built-to-last steel, adhering to BeaverFit’s mission of using high-quality materials sourced and manufactured in the U.S. and Britain. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with the Precor team,” said Nick Vay, vice president of commercial sales at BeaverFit. “The synergy between our brands is remarkable, and we deeply appreciate the chance to provide our world-class functional training solutions to support their outstanding team and customers across the globe.”

credit: BeaverFit/Precor

The partnership comes as strength training continues to grow in popularity among fitness enthusiasts nationwide. Industry executives have told Athletech News they expect to see more gyms embrace functional training spaces that blend strength training equipment with large open spaces for members. The largest Gold’s Gym franchise group in Southern California has notably revamped its clubs to add functional training spaces.

In addition to serving Precor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Peloton, BeaverFit’s expertise in fitness equipment, facilities and custom-crafted solutions has resulted in manufacturing partnerships with boutique fitness brands including MADabolic, Spenga and Earn Your Stripes.

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