2024 Pan American Weightlifting Championships Full Results

2024 is starting off with a bang for fans of weightlifting. February has hosted four different continental championships in a row as the Paris 2024 Olympic Games draw ever closer. This year, the Pan American Weightlifting Championships (PAWC) are being held in Caracas, Venezuela, from Feb. 23 to 29. This event will help decide the fates of many of the region’s best weightlifters who are eyeing a ticket to the 2024 Olympics. 

BarBend will update our 2024 Pan American Championships results page regularly; check back each day to find out who won this year and who punched their ticket to Paris this summer.  

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2024 Pan American Weightlifting Championships | Women’s Results

Below, you can find the Group A results of each Women’s category at the 2024 PAWC. All categories may not contain the same number of contestants.

Editor’s Note: The notation below reads as, “Name (Country) — Total (Snatch/Clean & Jerk)”. Podium athletes’ results are bolded.

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45 Kilograms

Victoria Nazareth Tovar Milano (VEN) — 155 (68/87)

Mariangeli Irene Martinez Rosales (VEN) — 144 (62/82)

49 Kilograms

Ana Gabriela Lopez Ferrer (MEX) — 188 (86/102)

Katherin Oriana Echandia Zarate (VEN) — 185 (83/102)

Andrea De La Herran Martinez (MEX) — 175 (80/95)

Shoely Mabel Mego Contreras (PER) — 167 (73/94)

Silvana Maria Gonzalez Sanchez (GTM) — 149 (64/85)

55 Kilograms

Josee Gallant (CAN) — 198 (89/109)

Rosselyn Uzcategui Escalona (VEN) — 186 (83/103)

Victoria Maria Grenni Alvarado (SLV) — 171 (75/96)

59 Kilograms


64 Kilograms


71 Kilograms


76 Kilograms


81 Kilograms


87 Kilograms


+87 Kilograms


2024 Pan American Weightlifting Championships | Men’s Results

Here are the results from each Men’s category at the 2024 Pan American Championships in Caracas. There are a different number of entrants in each category.

Editor’s Note: The notation below reads as, “Name (Country) — Total (Snatch/Clean & Jerk)”. Podium athletes’ results are bolded.

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55 Kilograms

Juan Antonio Barco Rangel (MEX) — 228 (101/127)

Jose Manuel Poox Peralta (MEX) — 226 (99/127)

Howard Roche Cintron (PRI) — 222 (103/119)

Angello Rafael Solorzano Carmona (VEN) — 206 (93/113)

61 Kilograms

Hector Andres Viveros Sanchez (COL) — 264 (115/149)

Luis David Bardalez Tuisima (PER) — 264 (114/150)

Victor Jesus Garrido Buenaire (ECU) — 263 (123/140)

Jhony David Artega Castillo (ECU) — 250 (115/135)

Abraham Jose Rivera Gamez (VEN) — 246 (105/141)

67 Kilograms

Luis Eduardo Cano Hernandez (COL) — 293 (129/164)

Hector Armando Garcia (COL) — 292 (135/157)

Endy Jose Rivas (VEN) — 287 (127/160)

Orlando Antonio Vasquez Morales (NIC) — 286 (131/155)

David Jimenez Hidalgo (CRI) — 277 (126/151)

Arley Lazaro Calederon Licourt (CUB) — 266 (118/148)

Jose Alexander Mendez Diaz (SLV) — 250 (110/140)

73 Kilograms


81 Kilograms


89 Kilograms


96 Kilograms


102 Kilograms


109 Kilograms


+109 Kilograms


How To Watch the 2024 Pan American Weightlifting Championships

If you’re interested in watching this year’s Pan American Championships live, you have two options. The Pan American Weightlifting Federation is broadcasting the event live in two locations, both on their website and over on their YouTube Channel

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Where Is Team USA? 

American weightlifters typically compete at the Pan American Championships. However, this year, Team USA were granted special privileges to attend the 2024 European Weightlifting Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, instead. USA Weightlifting cited logistics-related concerns that explained the change in itinerary. American athletes were not eligible to win medals in Sofia, but their performances did count towards Paris qualification. 

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