GlycanAge Secures $4.2M, Flexing the Future of Longevity

A startup that reveals biological age is aiming to personalize health prevention with a simple finger prick

Biotech company GlycanAge, which specializes in the science of biological aging, has completed a $4.2 million seed funding round led by Kadmos Capital and LauncHub Ventures, marking yet another win for the longevity and disease prevention space despite a decline in VC funding in recent years. 

While the U.K.-based startup acknowledges that aging is inevitable, GlycanAge believes arming consumers with their biological age can empower them to make impactful, health-supporting changes if needed — and has reportedly attracted Halle Berry as a customer. 

Backed by 20 years of research, the biotech company tests biological age and wellness by analyzing 27 glycans to determine health and vitality, assessing preventative biomarkers that can be modified over time with improved behavior. 

GlycanAge customers select a plan and payment option: one kit for $348 measures current biological age and includes a consultation; two tests and two consultations are $599 and measure progress towards slowing aging. A custom plan is also available based on the testing frequency and additional support. 

Once the test kit arrives, a simple finger prick test unlocks results in 3-5 weeks, which are sent via email. Customers can then book a free video consultation with a Care Team Specialist to go over the finer details of their lifestyle and areas of concern. 

“GlycanAge’s vision lies at the crossroads between preventive medicine, longevity and diagnostics,” said John Gebeily, partner at Kadmos Capital.

Although the startup initially received grant funding to develop the baseline of its technology, CEO Nikolina Lauc told “Business Live with Ian King” that GlycanAge is now ready to commercialize. The funding will go towards developing a regulatory path over the next year as it pushes into the diagnostic sector.

Given GlycanAge’s capabilities, Lauc sees the massive potential to predict and prevent diseases with helpful interventions. 

“We’re hoping that insurance companies will use this to give you a way ahead and then give you rewards as you improve lifestyle or behavior that would then reduce your risks,” she continued. 

Health Tech Leads the Longevity Charge 

Like GlycanAge, Ezra, a full-body, AI-powered medical imaging company specializing in early cancer screenings, has also attracted investors for its prevention and detection services, fueling the longevity space. The New York-based healthcare startup recently raised $21 million in new capital, bringing its total funding to $41 million. Ezra’s new funding will help it expand to 20 cities and 50 locations across North America this year.

Movement, sleep and a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients may be the building blocks for longevity, but rapid innovation in health tech, such as GlycanAge, is resulting in ways to increase healthspan. 

Fueling the longevity trend? A healthcare system that has failed us, according to the Global Wellness Summit (GWS). Startups in biotech can offer a proactive approach, which GWS notes is at the core of longevity — with the global proactive services market expected to grow from $4 billion to $20 billion through 2032, with healthcare innovations leading the way.

Jeff Bezos is also reportedly backing the longevity space with Altos Labs, which focuses on cell rejuvenation to combat disease. Similarly, NewLimit raised $40 million last year for its work in epigenetically reprogramming cells to turn back the clock.

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