Emil Krastev (93KG) Exceeds the IPF Total World Record in Training

Bulgarian powerlifter Emil Krastev is on his way to disrupt the 93-kilogram class in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). He has been on the podium at the last three Classic World Championships (CWC), but he wants to finally ascend to the top step and take the gold medal for himself.

Krastev’s training has been flying recently. On Feb. 25, 2024, he shared a video to his Instagram page wherein he totaled an incredible 906 kilograms — 11 kilograms over the IPF world record. Check it out below:

The training total began with a 313-kilogram squat. Krastev performed the lift using knee sleeves, a lifting belt, and wrist wraps, all permissible under the IPF’s “classic” format. It wasn’t an easy squat, but he didn’t seem to be at his absolute limit.

Krastev’s best squat in competition is the 307.5 kilogram he did at the 2022 CWC in Sun City, South Africa. He totaled 877.5 kilograms at that event, only missing first place to Chance Mitchell by 1.5 kilograms.

The video moved on to bench press, arguably Krastev’s best lift. He employed some well-timed leg drive to move the barbell and solidly locked out 245.5 kilograms. This matches the 93-kilogram world record recently set by USA’s Jonathan Cayco at the 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships.

Krastev’s current best bench press in competition is 232.5 kilograms. This came in Malta at the 2023 CWC as part of the 872.5 kilogram total that won him the overall bronze medal. At that meet, he was only 2.5 kilograms behind the 2024 Sheffield winner, Gustav Hedlund.

Onto deadlift and Krastev took a good sniff of smelling salts before the lift. Many athletes find fires up before a big lift. Krastev set up in a sumo stance and gripped the barbell in a double overhand hook grip. He locked out 348 kilograms smoothly and seemed shocked at how seemingly easy it appeared.

Krastev’s best deadlift on the platform is 342.5 kilograms at the 2022 CWC. Not long after, he got injured. However, he currently appears fully fit and back in form.

Krastev’s training total was 906 kilograms. The world record total in this class belongs to Gustav Hedlund, who set it at 895 kilograms en route to victory at the 2024 Sheffield. Of course, achieving these numbers in training differs from the demands of a high-pressure competition.

When Krastev lands in Druskininkai, Lithuania, he will face the reigning world champion, Jonathan Cayco, the rapidly rising Hedlund, and a host of other elite powerlifters at the 2024 IPF CWC.

Featured image: @ekrustew on Instagram

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