Fitness Industry Vet Finds the Perfect Fit as MADabolic Franchisee

A longtime former Gold’s Gym staffer, Adam McLeod has found a winning business model in MADabolic’s group strength and conditioning approach

The boutique fitness space is exceedingly crowded, so how does a brand stand out to consumers, coaches and franchisees? 

It differentiates. 

MADabolic is the industry’s leading group strength and conditioning franchise. This sets it apart from the rest, but the discerning factors go well beyond the workout modality.

Athletech News talked to MADabolic franchisee, Adam McLeod, who launched his Plano, Texas, studio in 2022 and will open two more studios in the Dallas area very soon.

“I’ve aligned myself with a brand, workout and franchise that fills a need, and alongside my member’s remarkable results, I’m seeing great success,” he says. 

McLeod’s career is steeped in fitness. Having worked for 15 years in varied capacities for Gold’s Gym, followed by two years running operations for a Crunch Fitness Franchise group, he caught the entrepreneurial bug and began researching franchise options in the boutique studio space. 

“I looked at everything and started to see a “huge gap,” he said. “There was and is such a lopsided focus on HIIT and high cardio programs centered around calorie-burn only, and the pivotal piece of fitness – strength training – seemed to have been overlooked.”

He then discovered MADabolic.

“This looked different than anything else to me,” he said. “MADabolic has the strength, structure and accountability that are all missing from other brands and programs. This is no-frills, scientifically proven programming that works, and I knew it would resonate with fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.”

Adam McLeod (credit: MADabolic)

Now, two years in, when asked how his work as a MADabolic franchise owner compares to his past experiences in fitness, he speaks to the relationships and the results.

“I am helping people to move better and feel better,” he says. “We have a close community here that is getting stronger and fitter together, and I have such a sense of pride in being able to do this through MADabolic.” 

Pushing Properly

In terms of the workouts, McLeod uses the words intense and elite level. He says they are designed to build lean muscle and speed up metabolism while focusing on form and injury prevention.

“MADabolic applies one-on-one coaching to a group setting, run by movement specialists that ensure proper form and technique,” he explains. “This is not about doing as many reps as fast as you can because that formula just breeds injury. We control time under tension, and the coaches push … but they push properly.”

credit: MADabolic

There are five movements per class, which is a format that McLeod says allows the coach to govern the flow and offer personal attention and corrective feedback. 

There are three different class formats named Momentum, Anaerobic and Durability that are based on work-to-rest ratios. Momentum classes are endurance- and athletic-based. Anaerobic is about speed and power. Durability focuses on stamina with more time under tension.

“These are solid, performance-driven workouts delivered with education around proper movement,” says McLeod. 

Getting Gritty for Better Results

About the experience MADabolic delivers, Mcleod says it can be gritty.

“We don’t sugar-coat things here,” he explains. “These classes are about getting in and getting to work and getting better results than anywhere else.”

The brand’s motto is Work. Rest. Repeat. 

“We want every individual to achieve sustainable results,” he says. “Recovery is built into the programming and that is so important. We work hard to educate our members on the proper ways to train – and rest. The maximum number of days in the studio we recommend per week is four.”

credit: MADabolic

First-Class Franchise Support

The MADabolic corporate team prides itself on the unabridged support it offers franchisees, and McLeod appreciates this.

“I work very closely with the corporate team and it’s crystal clear that they will do everything to ensure each location succeeds,” he says. “There is also a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right franchisees and the team is growing the brand methodically … not too quickly.”

Making a Difference

McLeod says the impetus behind his career in fitness is his desire to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s clear he feels that he’s found this with MADabolic. 

“I have members thank me every day,” he notes. “People tell me they can’t believe how they used to look compared to how they look now. The program really does that. It helps people move better, drop inches and feel stronger.” 

When asked about his future with MADabolic, McLeod says he sees great growth potential. MADabolic today has 32 units open and operating with another 80+ in development, and that growth is happening fast. 

“I’m glad I got in on the ground floor and can grow as the brand expands and as more and more people realize the amazing results they can obtain with MADabolic,” McLeod says.

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