Fitness & Wellness Apps Can Now Use SleepScore Tech

With SleepScore APIs, fitness and wellness apps can offer personalized sleep-improvement solutions to their members, driving engagement

In its efforts to help the fitness and wellness community catch more quality z’s every night, SleepScore Labs is widening its net. 

In partnership with the Lake Nona Impact Forum, SleepScore, the global leader in enterprise-ready sleep science and improvement, will make its SleepScore APIs available across many health and fitness apps. Doing so will enable users of participating apps to sleep better and reap an abundance of ancillary health benefits. In turn, SleepScore APIs will strengthen engagement and retention across those apps. 

“We are delighted to bring the power of our evidence-based sleep improvement solutions to the many great health and wellness apps that would benefit from improved engagement, retention, and outcomes,” said Uma Shivanand, head of product at SleepScore Labs. “It’s our mission to make a meaningful impact in this vital aspect of people’s lives.”

credit: SleepScore

With data from 230-plus scientific studies, 61 peer-reviewed publications and over 360 million hours of contextual sleep data, SleepScore APIs help users unlock improved sleep habits. After gathering a user’s sleep data through wearables, the program logs and compares it before laying out a personalized sleep journey, presenting sleep content material, a cognitive behavioral therapy option and a sleep coaching system. SleepScore users enjoy between 10 to 26 extra hours of sleep per month, the platform says.

With quality rest in high demand, those results promise to drive engagement once applied to new platforms. SleepScore already has a proven track record in that regard, reportedly delivering three to four daily engagements and a retention rate after 30 days of 60%, topping the industry average of 8%. 

The release of SleepScore APIs comes as an emphasis on sleep as a form of personal wellness only continues to grow. Therabody and United recently agreed on a partnership to offer sleep-nurturing amenities on flights after noticing an increase in demand for improved sleep while traveling. 

Centr, Chris Hemsworth’s fitness and wellness platform also recently released a new audio series aimed at improving users’ sleep performance. LumosTech, a sleep-specific tech company, partnered with the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun last season to enhance sleep routines with light therapy products.

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