CrossFit Open Workout 24.1 Affiliate Class Plan

The 2024 CrossFit Open kicked off with a whole lot of burpees and dumbbell snatches in workout 24.1. The beauty is in the simplicity. 

Today, we’re providing you a lesson plan to run 24.1 at your affiliate in the hopes of making life a little easier for coaches and gym owners during the craziest three weeks of the year. 

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First, let’s get some basics out of the way.

You only need one piece of equipment per athlete: the dumbbell

One heat: If you have the amount of dumbbells required to accommodate all of your classes in one heat, you’ll have plenty of time after the workout to cool down, clean up, and offer some optional assistance. 

Two heats: The only limiting factor for the setup is the number of dumbbells of the Open weight denominations at your affiliate. If the class size is more than the amount of dumbbells, have athletes pair up and run two heats. Athletes can then judge each other for official scores. Print out scorecards so you are prepared for this.

Workout 24.1 has a 15-minute time cap and requires a simple setup, so two heats can easily fit within the class window. 

Class Timeline

Depending on which logistical option fits your needs the best, you can use one of the following timelines. 

Two heats:

Whiteboard Brief (0:00-5:00) 

Mobility (5:00-10:00)

Prep (10:00-18:00)

Heat 1 (18:00-33:00)

Heat 2 (35:00-50:00)

Recovery (50:00-60:00)

One heat:

Whiteboard Brief (0:00-5:00) 

Mobility (5:00-12:00)

Prep (12:00-30:00)

WOD (30:00-45:00)

Recovery (45:00-60:00)

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Whiteboard Brief

Review the scoring, standards, and workout variations detailed in the workout description and scorecard. You can provide further context on each movement by using the following notes:  

Dumbbell Snatches: New this year is that all the reps are completed on one side before moving on. Use a power snatch if you feel like you need to save your arms. 

Burpees over the dumbbell: Stay low on the jump and get right into your next rep. Whether jumping back or stepping, find a pace that keeps you moving. 


Have athletes hop on a machine for three to five minutes, increasing in pace every 30 seconds. Then complete three rounds of:

Inch-Worm Push-Up Into Cobra x 5

Spider-Man Lunge Into a Sampson Stretch x 10

Bird Dog x 10

Cossack Squat x 10

If you are running two heats, use this opportunity to divide your class into two groups, with one group on the mobility and the other on the machine, then rotate. This will set the stage for the workout.  


Review each movement, along with scaling options. Then, three rounds, building in intensity and/or dumbbell weight:

Dumbbell Deadlift x 4 (two each arm)

Dumbbell Hang Snatch x 4

Dumbbell Snatch x 4

Lateral Jumps Over the Dumbbell x 4

Burpees Over the Dumbbell x 4

This is a good time to check in with individual athletes, making sure each person is moving well and has scaled appropriately for the day. If you’re running two heats, be sure to have athletes in the second heat continue warming up during the time they’re waiting or help judge a friend. If you’re doing a single heat, you can add extra skill work or teaching time before starting this prep. 


Give athletes a few minutes to recover before calling them together and leading them through a proper recovery segment. Have athletes perform a few rounds of box breathing to help calm them down (four-second inhale, four-second hold, four-second exhale, four-second hold, repeat). Then, go through each movement for one minute before switching. 

Scorpion Stretch

Alternating Child’s Pose and Cobra

Low Dragon

This workout is going to be tough on the lower back, triceps, and hip flexors. Consider using movements that help recover these muscle groups for the next day’s class. 

The Bottom Line

The Open is here, and it is time to test and celebrate your fitness with your community. This one is going to be a grind, but this plan should help you run a smooth class for 24.1. 

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