CrossFit Open Workout 24.1 Livestream Numbers Surpass 2023 Figures

The 2024 CrossFit Open kicked off at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET on Thursday, February 29, with the announcement of 24.1. The livestream continued to show significant growth in viewership year over year and peaked during Dave Castro’s unveiling of the workout. 

One big thing: Both maximum concurrent views (how many people were watching at once) and overall livestream views (after 24 hours) for 24.1 increased from last year. In fact, the total views after 24 hours for 24.1 surpassed the average views for all three announcements from 2023 in their first 24 hours. 

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The details: The 24.1 announcement recorded a maximum concurrent viewership of 161,127 and a total view count of 872,651 after 24 hours.

How does this compare?

The max concurrent average for the 2023 Open was 120,873, well below what we saw this week with 24.1. We typically see viewership increase each week of the Open, so the next two weeks are expected to provide even higher numbers. 

The total views per week average for the 2023 Open was 619,224, while total views (after 24 hours) for 24.1 came in at 872,651, a substantial difference of 253,427 views. 

What they’re saying:

“24.1 was a huge success! It was an honor to host the 2024 CrossFit Open!” CrossFit Pleasanton posted on their Instagram account.

The drama is back: No one creates anticipation like Dave Castro.

“Let’s head over to the chalkboard for further explanation,” Castro said after releasing the two movements and the rep scheme of 21-15-9. 

“When you look at that, you start to think, ‘What if,’” he asked while scribbling numbers and drawing mushrooms. He continued to add reps to the board, soliciting gasps from the crowd. 

Let’s go back further: While the above numbers only include YouTube viewership, our 2020 data includes both YouTube and Facebook. Even so, the average total views after 24 hours for each of the five weeks was 367,857. With well over 800,000 views over the past 24 hours, the 24.1 statistics crush previous years.

The big picture: These numbers show positive growth and continue the upward trend we’ve seen since 2020. We will continue to track viewership through the Open this year.

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