Yosuda Exercise Bike Review (2024), The Best Affordable Bikes Out There?

As the maker of some of the best exercise bikes for those on a budget, Yosuda is on a mission to make home fitness equipment accessible to more people. We selected four Yosuda exercise bikes to bring you a taste of what it’s like to pound the pedals on these affordable machines. The BarBend team of certified personal trainers, CrossFit coaches, and gym owners has spent years using over 20 exercise bikes, so when we hop in the saddle, we know what to look for.

We took the Yosuda YB001R Magnetic Exercise Bike for multiple spins and rated this model on a scale from 1 (yikes) to 5 (hooray) across 13 categories, like durability, adjustability, and portability. Whether you need a quiet ride, are short on floor space, or just want to reap the health benefits of indoor cycling — like lower blood pressure and increased aerobic capacity — take a more in-depth look to see if one of these options matches your budget, your space, and your fitness goals. (1

About Our Expert: 

This article has been reviewed by Amanda Capritto, CPT, CF-L1, CES, CSNC a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, and CrossFit Level-1 Trainer. She reviewed the research we cite to help ensure we’re providing helpful, accurate descriptions and recommendations.

Why Should I Buy a Yosuda Exercise Bike?  

If you’re tight on space in your home or in your wallet — or both — one of Yosuda’s exercise bikes might be the cardio machine you’ve been looking for. The company is known for packing high quality features — think heavy-duty steel frames and flywheels — into compact footprints, but the brand also boasts a variety of different bike forms. While the average exercise bike can land anywhere from $600 to over $2,000, these four Yosuda bikes all come in between $139.99 and $499.99.

Our tester riding the Yosuda YB001R.

Even beyond their bikes, Yosuda has made an impression in the home fitness world with quality, affordable equipment like rowing machines and treadmills. For all their products, they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Hassle-Free returns, fast shipping from local warehouses, and financing options. 

We chose four of our favorite bikes from Yosuda and laid out all their details, along with our experience in the saddle, to help you find the model you need to hit your fitness goals. Your choice will come down to three main factors — how much space you can spare, how much cash you can spend, and how many housemates you’re trying not to disturb.

Close look at the handlebars while our BarBend Tester rides the Yosuda YB001R.

The quiet magnetic resistance onboard the YB001R or Pro models will be ideal for those with sleeping babies, cats, or roommates. The friction resistance of the YB001 and YB007A, meanwhile, is a bit noisier, but can save you a few bucks. Among all four options, you’ll see little difference in the floor space they occupy — 6.11 to 6.71 square feet — and a big difference in weight capacity — 270 to 350 pounds.

Over many rides on the YB001R Magnetic Exercise Bike, our team — including our tallest member at 6 foot 3 inches — has become familiar with the build, technology, and overall feel of these similar, but distinct exercise bikes from Yosuda. Check out what the BarBend team of weirdos who love cardio had to say about these four Yosuda exercise bikes.

Main Takeaways

Yosuda YB001R Magnetic Exercise Bike: With a 35-pound flywheel and magnetic resistance system, if you’re looking for a compact, quiet bike and don’t need a huge weight capacity, this model is for you.

Yosuda YB001 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike: At just $233, this is the most affordable option of the four and with a 69-pound overall weight, most users can tilt and roll it from room to room.

Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike: As the most high-end option of the four, it has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, while its extendable tablet holder allows you to stream a workout or show while you ride.

Yosuda YB007A Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike: As the big brother of the YB001, this model has the largest footprint — 6.71 square feet — but is the most adjustable.

Yosuda YB001R Magnetic Exercise Bike

Yosuda YB001R Exercise Bike

Yosuda YB001R Exercise Bike

Smooth and quiet cycling with a 35 lb flywheel and attached transport wheels so you can cruise where you want to. Simple LCD screen with a lip for an iPad, tablet, or phone.

Shop Yosuda

Price: $279

Dimensions: 45” H x 40” L x 22” W

Weight: 68lbs

Resistance: Magnetic

Weight Capacity: 270lbs

Flywheel Weight: 35lbs


With a footprint of just 6.11 square feet and built-in transport wheels, its compact design is ideal for athletes limited on space.

The 35-pound flywheel uses magnetic resistance to create a quiet ride for users up to 270 pounds.

Compared to the average price range for upright exercise bikes — $600 to $2,000 — its $279 price point offers tremendous value.


The magnetic resistance levels are not listed, so you’ll need to adjust the intensity based on feel.

During testing, we noted some durability concerns, like small tears in the seat cushion after just a few rides.

When we first got our Yosuda YB001R Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike, our tester had a one word reaction, “Whew.” After pulling it out of the box, all we had to do was attach the wheels and monitor and it was ready to ride. Delivery and set up was one of three categories, along with its footprint and portability, to earn at least a rating of 4 out of 5 from our tester, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Our tester adjusting the seat stack on the Yosuda YB001R.

Anyone worried about disturbing the neighbors should appreciate the heavy-duty 35-pound flywheel that uses magnetic resistance to generate a quiet ride. “I was surprised at just how quiet it was,” our tester said. At 6 foot 3 inches, they pointed out how easy it was to adjust the seat and handlebars to find a comfortable fit, scoring its adjustability and ergonomics a 3.5 out of 5.

While it lacks Bluetooth connectivity or a screen — the tech capabilities on the YB001R earned a 2 out of 5 — this bike features an LCD display that shows your speed, distance and odometer. You can also slide your own device in the tablet holder to stream your own virtual workouts or shows.

The LCD screen onboard the Yosuda YB001R.

We did notice a few durability concerns, most notably on the seat. “After two of three rides, I could already see some small tears on the seat — not a good sign,” said our tester. Although, for $279, our tester still rated its value 3.5 out of 5. “It may not be someone’s forever bike, but for a quick fix or beginner, this is a great price.”

Yosuda YB001 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

Yosuda YB001 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

Yosuda YB001 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

At just $233, the Yosuda YB001 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike is the most affordable upright bike from Yosuda and with a 69-pound overall weight, most users can tilt and roll it from room to room.

Shop Yosuda

Price: $233

Dimensions: 45” H x 40” L x 22” W

Weight: 68lbs

Resistance: Friction

Weight Capacity: 270lbs

Flywheel Weight: 35lbs


At just $233, it is the most affordable upright bike from Yosuda.

Its built-in transport wheels and 68-pound overall weight can make it easy for most users to move.

With a tablet holder beneath the LCD monitor, you can stream workouts or entertainment, while keeping an eye on your metrics.


It may best for hard floors, as it can be a bit wobbly on carpet.

Multiple customers reported that the seat was uncomfortable and needed to be switched out.

The Yosuda YB001 is the most affordable of the four bikes in our review, but with a footprint of 6.11 square feet and 35-pound flywheel, we think anyone looking who is short on space and looking for a challenging ride may have found their match. Our tester — a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach — rated the identical footprint of the YB001R a 4 out of 5. “I thought it was so easy to move. It felt super compact compared to other bikes I’ve tried,” they said.

Given its 68-pound overall weight and dual transport wheels, most people might be able to even tilt and roll it from room to room by themselves. After checking in on customer reviews, however, you may want the room that it ends up in to have a hard floor as opposed to carpet. Several users noted it was more wobbly on a soft surface like carpet.

While the YB001 won’t be mistaken for one of the best exercise bikes with screens, the tablet holder lets you stream workouts or catch up on Love is Blind — how could you, Jeramey?! — while getting your heart rate up. The seat height and handlebars are adjustable to help you find your fit, while the seat can also be switched out if you need a bit more padding.

As the less-expensive version of the YB007A, this model has a lower weight capacity (270 pounds), but occupies nearly one square foot less floor space, as well as less space in your budget. At $233, it’s the least expensive among these four by $46, while still allowing you to track your metrics and reap some of the benefits of cardio, like lower blood pressure. (benefits of cardio) At roughly $370 less than the bottom of the average range for upright bikes — $600 to $2,000 — it brings a lot of value.

Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike

Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike

Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike

The Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, while its extendable tablet holder allows you to stream a workout or show while you ride.

Shop Yosuda

Price: $399

Dimensions: 42 H x 41 L x 22 W

Weight: 86lbs

Resistance: Magnetic

Weight Capacity: 350lbs

Flywheel Weight: 40lbs


Using magnetic resistance, the 40-pound flywheel helps create a quiet ride.

Its 350-pound weight capacity is the highest among all Yosuda exercise bikes.

The tablet holder can pivot and extend 11 inches.


At 86 pounds, it may be a bit too heavy for some to move on their own.

The LCD monitor is not backlit, which can make the stats difficult to read in low lighting.

Among these four, the Yosuda Pro Magnetic has the highest weight capacity (350 pounds), while using a 40-pound flywheel to create a quieter ride than models with a friction resistance system. Anyone concerned about disturbing neighbors, or sleeping babies may want to give this model a closer look.

The LCD monitor can keep track of your metrics, like speed and distance, but the extendable tablet holder allows you to slide in your own device to stream whatever you like. As that digital monitor is not backlit, it could be a bit difficult to see in low lighting. If you prefer to track your stats or go a virtual ride on one the best fitness apps like Peloton or iFIT, though, you can pivot and stretch the iPad holder up to 11 inches to find the best placement for your intense workout.

Compared to the YB001R model that we tried out, the 18-pound weight difference may preclude some people from moving it on their own, even with the built-in transport wheels. The Pro Magnetic model is the most expensive option among the four in our review by $100, but anyone needing a higher weight capacity and quiet ride, might find that price difference to be worth it.

Yosuda YB007A Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

Yosuda YB007A Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

Yosuda YB007A Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

As the big brother of the YB001, the Yosuda YB007A Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike has the largest footprint — 6.71 square feet — of the Yosuda upright bikes, but is the most adjustable.

Shop Yosuda

Price: $299

Dimensions: 45.3 H x 44.5 L x 21.7 W

Weight: 86lbs

Resistance: Friction

Weight Capacity: 330lbs

Flywheel Weight: 40lbs


Its 330-pound weight capacity is 60 pounds more than the similar YB001 model.

While it uses friction instead of magnetic resistance, it comes in at $100 less than the Pro Magnetic.

The seat can be adjusted up, down, forward and back, while the handlebars adjust up and down.


Its friction resistance system may be a bit noisier than a magnetic system.

With a footprint of 6.71 square feet, the YB007A takes up the most room of these four bikes.

Compared to the other model in our review with friction resistance (the YB001), the YB007A’s weight capacity is 60 pounds higher, making it more accessible for more users. With a heavier flywheel, and belt-drive system, you can also expect a smooth ride as you build momentum and adjust the resistance.

Speaking of adjustments, the four-way adjustable seat and vertically-adjustable handlebars may also allow more athletes to find a comfortable position on this bike. No matter what position the seat is in, the resistance adjustment knob on the frame will be within reach, just above the water bottle holder. Instead of defined levels, you’ll need to get a feel for how much to turn it to hit your desired resistance.

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The friction resistance system on the YB007A may be a bit noisier than the magnetic systems on the YB001R and Pro Magnetic models. But unless you are concerned about annoying your neighbors or waking up your cat, popping in your AirPods and streaming a workout or show from your own device is always an option. 

With the tablet bracket, popping in your own device to stream a virtual ride, Nelflix, or YouTube TV can help you focus on your sweat, or distract you from it. The LCD monitor is also conveniently placed above the bracket so you can keep an eye on your speed, distance, or calories burned.

What to Consider Before Buying a Yosuda Exercise Bike

While these four Yosuda exercise bikes are similar, there are a few key differences like the amount of floor space they require, the kind of resistance system they use, and, of course, how much they cost. Check out a few things to consider before deciding which one is for you.

Available Space

Two of these bikes — the YB001R and YB001— take up virtually the same amount of floor space: 6.11 square feet. If you can visualize these bikes in your living room, this is about half the size of the average loveseat. (2

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Anyone super tight on space may want to decide between these two, but if you can spare just a bit more real estate, the Pro Magnetic (6.26 square feet and the YB007A (6.71 square feet) feature higher weight capacities and heavier flywheels. If the space you have available is your deciding factor, grab your measuring tape and consult the dimensions we included for each bike.


As with any large purchase, establishing your budget should probably be the first step in your search for a Yosuda exercise bike. These options range from $233 to $399, but all of them are below even the low end of the average range among many upright bikes out there — $600 to $2,000. These bikes are some of the best budget home gym equipment that we have tested, so if you are looking for an affordable exercise bike, one of these four could be your match made in exercise bike heaven.

Type of Resistance

Two of these Yosuda exercise bikes use a friction resistance system, while two use a magnetic system. Friction systems use a brake pad to create — you guessed it — friction between it and the flywheel, so as the resistance level increases (and more friction is created) it’s harder to pedal. 

The toe cages on the pedals of Yosuda YB001R.

Magnetic systems use — you guessed it, again — magnets which, as you adjust the resistance level, get closer or further away from the flywheel. That distance either increases or decreases the amount of force you need to generate to turn the adjustable cage pedals.

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Ok, enough science. In general, magnetic resistance systems are quieter than friction systems, so if you are concerned about your bike being too loud, the YB100R and Pro Magnetic may be the way to go. Our tester — a certified personal trainer — actually noted how quiet the YB100R was during their rides. Because the friction resistance systems on the YB001 and YB007 use less expensive parts, they are more affordable than the other two models.

Health Benefits of Cycling

When she assessed exercise bikes for BarBend, certified personal trainer Amanda Capritto laid out the health benefits everyone should consider if they’re on the fence about finding their own bike. 

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“Cycling brings an impressive collection of health benefits to the table: cardiovascular health, endurance, stamina, muscular endurance are all improved with cycling, to name a few.” If you are considering buying your own exercise bike, these four models from Yosuda are an affordable way to capitalize on the health benefits of cycling.

Yosuda Exercise Bike Comparison Chart

The four Yosuda exercise bikes in our review are similar, but with features that may suit different users. Check out some of their specs to help you find the right bike for you.

Places to Buy Yosuda Exercise Bikes

All 11 of Yosuda’s indoor exercise bikes are available on their website and Amazon.

Customer Experience

Yosuda offers a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, Hassle-Free Return, and up to 4 Months Financing. If you purchase through Amazon, their products are eligible under Amazon’s Refund, Return, or Replacement policy.

Company Information

Founded in 2018, Yosuda strives to provide quality fitness equipment at an affordable price. You can reach customer service by email (service@yosudabikes.com) or phone (702-819-0018). 

Final Word

Yosuda has established itself as a manufacturer of affordable, quality at-home cardio equipment and their line up of 11 exercise bikes is no exception. The four models in our review all come in under $399, which is $200 less than the average range for bikes out there — $600 to $2,000. Anyone looking for an affordable way to reap the health benefits of cycling without breaking the bank may be able to find an option from Yosuda.

Whether you need a quiet ride, a compact footprint, or just want to slide your feet in the caged pedals and go, these four bikes may fit the bill. We spent a lot of time with the YB001R model and our certified personal trainer tester rated it among the best budget equipment we have used. With similar features, along with a few key differences, the other three models here might just suit your space, budget, and fitness needs at an affordable price.


How much do Yosuda exercise bikes cost?

All 11 of Yosuda’s exercise bikes fall between $139 and $499, but the four models — the YB001R, YB001, Pro Magnetic, and YB007A — cost $279, $233, $399, and $299, respectively. The type of adjustable resistance, weight capacity, and footprint are all factors that affect their price.

What is the weight limit on Yosuda bikes?

While the YB001R and YB001 both can support user weights up to 270 pounds, there is a slight difference between the YB007A (330 pounds) and the Pro Magnetic (350 pounds).

Where are Yosuda exercise bikes made?

Yosuda’s spin bikes are manufactured in China, with delivery available in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Do Yosuda bikes have a comfortable seat?

Some customers have reported the seat is not comfortable. If you find that to be the case on yours, it can be changed out for a more ergonomically-designed or padded seat.


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