2024 China DMS Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

Diogo Montenegro and Lauralie Chapados won the Men’s Physique and Bikini division titles at the 2024 Arnold Classic but were not the only winners in those divisions on the weekend.

The 2024 China DMS Pro show took place on Friday, March 1, 2024, in Shanghai, China, featuring Men’s Physique and Bikini competition. Carlos Asiedu Ocran (Men’s Physique) and Jiaqi Wei (Bikini) left the stage with gold and 2024 Olympia qualifications.

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2024 China DMS Pro Results

The full results of both contests are below.

Men’s Physique

Carlos Asiedu Ocran (China)

Krishna Purnama Putra (Indonesia)

Yiming Wei (China)

Abdullah Al Salem (Kuwait)

Xingwang Yang (China)

Rin Yi Xie (China)

Han Yang (China)

Ilya Kvashnin (Russia)

*Yiming Wei (China) was on the roster to compete, but he was not in the show.


Jiaqi Wei (China)

Heather Hei Man Kam (China)

Xinyi Chen (China)

Hongmei Zhou (China)

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Men’s Physique Winner — Carlos Asiedu Ocran

Ocran won the competition with a perfect score from the judges in the pre-judging round, the only round scored on this day. This is his first IFBB Pro League win in only his second career pro show. He previously ranked 13th in the 2023 Tokyo Pro.

Ocran is qualified alongside Montenegro to compete on the 2024 Men’s Physique Olympia stage in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024. It will be Ocran’s Olympia debut should he compete. Krishna Purnama Putra of Indonesia and Yiming Wei of the host country took second and third place, respectively.

Bikini Division Winner — Jiaqi Wei

Wei had competed in the 2024 Musclecontest Japan Pro to a fifth-place finish behind champion Nittaya Kongthun before this event. Wei clearly made adjustments that served her well because, like Ocran, she is also a first-time winner in the pro ranks.

Wei also had all first-place votes on the scorecards and will be an Olympia debutant in October if she travels to Las Vegas. Heather Hei Man Kim was the runner-up, and bronze went to Xinyi Chen.

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Other Notes

Men’s Physique and Bikini divisions will be featured at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK in Birmingham, England, on March 15-17, 2024. There is also a Bikini division show at the 2024 Musclecontest Campinas Pro in Campinas, Brazil. The 2024 IFBB schedule is currently available for every Olympia-qualifying contest during the 2024 season.

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